Jake Harris – Bio, Net Worth, What Happened to the Deadliest Catch Star?

Jake Harris – Bio, Net Worth, What Happened to the Deadliest Catch Star?

Jake Harris is many things, among them a writer, crab fisherman, reality television star, among others. He starred in Discovery Channel’s reality television show, the Deadliest Catch alongside his father and Captain, and his older brother. He was a very promising crab fisherman, highly regarded by his father, who thought he would make a very excellent captain of a fishing vessel someday in the future. He was quite popular on the reality television show, and his youthful energy brought a very unique dimension to the show. Starring with his father and brother side by side, also brought a more family-oriented approach to the show. Though he no longer features in the reality television show, many of his fans are hoping to see his return to the show in the near future.

Jake Harris – Bio

Jacob Charles Harris was born on October 23, 1985, in Seattle, Washington D.C, in the United States of America. His father is Phil Harris, the Captain of the Alaskan fishing vessel “Cornelia Marie” – from which their reality television show was filmed; his mother is named Mary Harris. Jake also has an older brother, Josh, who also stars on the same reality television show.

In 2004, Jake began working as a commercial fisherman, specializing in “catching crabs”, with his father, older brother, and the rest of the “Cornelia Marie” vessel when he was 19 years old. On the vessel, he learned the rules and demands of the fishing trade under the guidance of his father and Captain.

Net Worth

Jake Harris is reported to be worth about $100,000; for those who know and follow this reality television star, his net worth seems a bit low, especially when it is viewed side-by-side, with the rest of his family, who are also co-stars on the television show. His father, Phil is reportedly worth $2 million, while his brother, Josh, is worth $800,000.

Jake’s low net worth may be related to his well-known drug addiction and gambling problems. His net worth could have been much higher without the influence of his known vices.

Jake Harris – Bio, Net Worth, What Happened to the Deadliest Catch Star?
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What Happened to the Deadliest Catch Star?

Jake Harris was once accused of stealing a car by his girlfriend, an act that led the police to bring him into custody. The pair were staying at a motel and got into a very heated argument; infuriated, he took the keys of the only car present and drove off. His girlfriend called the police and reported her car stolen. The police found the car abandoned in a parking lot, very near the motel, and on searching the car found drugs in it. Though he initially denied owning the drugs, he later recounted his story and was arrested, but later granted bail.

Early in 2019 in Skagit County, Washington, park rangers pulled Jake over for a routine check. When he was asked to identify himself, he declined and instead decided to “take off” in his RV, leading the Rangers on a high-speed chase. When they caught up with him, they realized that he was under the influence of drugs, and the police were called in to investigate. The police on seeing Jake Harris noted clear signs that he was intoxicated. He had a pale face, bloodshot eyes and though he tried to stay calm, his body shook uncontrollably as he spoke really fast.

On searching his RV, the police discovered heroin, a shotgun, and drug-making or selling paraphernalia. He was hit with a 4 count felony charge and had a bail set at $200,000. Due to these never-ending run-ins with the law, Harris has been having a rather unstable life.

Other Interesting Facts About Jake Harris

• Jake’s father, Captain Phil Harris, was killed by Stroke and other heart-related ailments, on February 10, 2010, “on-air” while filming an episode of the reality television show, Deadliest Catch. Sources close to the family and television show, believe that his father’s stroke came up when he discovered Jake was a drug addict. His drug addiction began in high school when, after a skating accident in which he broke his limbs, he took to the abuse of opiates.

• Jake Harris was last featured on the television series in 2013; the title of the episode he appeared the last one was “The Bitter, Bloody End”.

• Jake’s father remarried a different woman who Jake and his brother never really liked. Their animosity towards her was so deep, that they nicknamed her “satan”.