Is Jamie Lee Curtis Still Married To Christopher Guest And For How Long?

It is unusual to see celebrity couples celebrate decades of their love together but the union between Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest looks to have defied all odds despite their steady growing fame.

Jamie Lee has built a highly successful acting career for herself spanning four decades. She may best be known by her alias The Scream Queen following her role in several scream-inducing movies one of which include the four-sequel horror movie, Halloween where she appeared as ‘Laurie Strode’. Jamie Lee’s multiple movie award recognitions all through the years has helped to elevate her standard among notable personalities in the film industry. However, this screen icon, mother of two and wife to a British barony royal is not letting the fame get in the way of her humanitarian and philanthropic efforts.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest: Who are They?

The Scream queen, is a popular American actress with decades of experience in the show business. She was born in Santa Monica, California on the 22nd of November, 1958 and her acting career kicked off in 1978, with horror flick Halloween where she played Laurie Strode. The film was a huge success and has gone on to see her reprise this role in four sequels, a 2018 Halloween being the most recent.

Jamie has gone on to star in numerous other movies and TV shows receiving several nominations and awards to include a Golden Globe for Anything But Love (1990) and a Saturn Award for True Lies (1995). In 1998 she was inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Curtis has also authored several children’s books in addition to fighting for causes and of course, with support from her dear husband of many years, her life story has remained inspiring to many youngsters and couples.

Christopher Haden-Guest, on the other hand, is a screenwriter, actor and composer who holds dual British and American citizenships and a hereditary British peerage as the 5th Baron Haden-Guest.

Guest is most known in Hollywood for starring in comedy series he wrote and directed himself. Most notable of these are This Is Spinal Tap (1984) and Mascots(2016). He played the role of Dr.Stone in A Few Good Men (1992) and holds an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College Of Music.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest got married in December 1984. Cutis then became Lady Haden Guest when he inherited the Barony after his father’s death in 1996.

How Jamie and Guest First Met

When Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest first met, it wasn’t in person but on the cover of Rolling Stone in May of 1984. In a 2004 essay for O magazine, Curtis recalls saying to her friend who is also co-writer and producer of Halloween, Debra Hill, of how she was going to marry ‘that man’, referring to Guest’s picture on the magazine cover.

A month later, she and Guest were able to meet for the first time in person. They started dating on July 2 and by December of the same year, they got married. They had dated for 6 months.

Prior to this Jamie had been in a few relationships, many briefs. She had dated and later Johnny Lee Schell from 1977-1979. Between 1979 to 1983 she dated and got engaged to Hollywood production designer J. Micheal Riva, who was the grandson of Marlene Dietrich. They never married and that same year, she and English singer Stuart Leslie Goddard (Adam Ant) began seeing each other.

Is Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest Still Married and For How Long?

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest celebrated the third decade of their marriage in 2014 and they are still counting and waxing stronger together. The couple tied the knot on December 18, 1984, after dating for six months. They are parents to two adopted children; Annie, whom they adopted in 1986 and Thomas, adopted in 1996. Of her three-decade-plus marriage to Guest, Curtis told Today in 2015 that her secret to a lasting marriage is not to get a divorce. Referring to it a fascinating thing, the TV star stressed on why her ‘Don’t Leave’ strategy is key to every successful marriage. There must be some wisdom to this, after all, considering her own marriage is a great example.

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