Janai Norman – Biography, Spouse, Height, Parents, Family

Among most African-American celebrities who happen to be very important persons in society today as a result of their prowess in entertainment and sports, Janai Norman begs to differ. She is held in high esteem by most for her achievements as a news anchor, correspondent, and reporter. During the course of her career, she has worked with top news networks such as ABC 17 News, FOX 23 and ABC News to name a few. Her success as a journalist is a testament of her sheer professionalism, dedication, and hard work which in turn has helped boost her reputation, making her a household name in the United States of America.

Without further ado, here is a more sophisticated look at Janai Norman with much emphasis on her biography, family and body measurements.

Janai Norman’s Biography

As at the day of updating this piece, there is very little information as regards the birth of Janai Norman. Of the bit of information available in the mainstream, she is known to have been born in South Africa; however, her exact date of birth is a well-preserved secret by her. Owing to her nature for privacy and secrecy, there is also no information as regards her childhood or early educational background. As regards her higher educational qualification, she studied Psychology and Mass Communication at the University of Missouri, Columbia, and earned her Bachelor’s degree in the aforementioned field in 2011.

Janai’s love for journalism began during her college years; following her internship in ABC where she was privileged enough to witness popular reporters, news anchors, and correspondents work their magic on a daily basis. Amazed by their work ethics and professionalism, Janai made up her mind to become a professional media personality.

The start of Janai’s exemplary career in Journalism began in August 2011, following her employment by ABC 17, and was assigned the duties of a fill-in anchor and reporter. For two years, Janai Norman served the network to the best of her ability before switching to Fox 23 in 2013, as it offered her wider exposure. Her time with the latter was however short-lived as she moved to the Orlando based WFTV-Channel 9 in 2014. While at WFTV, she caught the eye of several news networks and they began a race to convince her to switch sides. She eventually decided to agree to a mouth-watering deal with ABC News as a news correspondent in October 2016. Since moving to ABC News, Janai Norman has grown to become a well-respected journalist with a very huge fan base. In 2018, ABC News named her as a co-anchor on its World News Now and America This Morning news program.

Spouse, Parents, Family

Due to Janai Norman’s privacy inclined mindset, it’s no surprise that there is very limited information available to the media relating to her parents and family. Notwithstanding, she has been unable to hide her affection and love towards her mother whose pictures happen to be all over her Instagram page with the most heartwarming of captions. There is no picture of her dad or siblings on her social media page hence, creating assumptions by several gossip blogs that she was raised single-handedly by her mother and has no siblings.

In May 2018, Janai Norman bid farewell to her spinster status by tying the knot with her then-boyfriend (whose identity is very much unknown) in a private wedding ceremony in Bougainville, Barbados. They are both parents to a boy named Blake, born in December 2017. Janai and her little family live together happily in New York.

Janai Norman’s Height

Janai Norman, without mincing words, is an embodiment of beauty and brains. While she is known for her veracity as a journalist, she has also been able to win the heart of many for her looks and sexy demeanor. By merely looking at her, it’s easy to deduce that she is of average height, even though her exact height in terms of measurement is unknown. As a result of her private nature, her weight and other body measurements are also unknown. Her most impressive body features are her black curly hair and black pair of eyes which make her look very stunning.

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