Jane Douglas – 5 Interesting Things We Need To Know

Jane Douglas – 5 Interesting Things We Need To Know

Jane Douglas is a typical example of a 21st-century modern woman, smart, educated, up-to-date, and most importantly, multi-talented. She is an English TV show host, writer, video producer, director, and editor for Outsidexbox. The media personality is rising to become one of the influential women in the video game industry.

Before now, video games were seen as something that was mainly meant for men but these days, our vision has gone in a unisex direction as many ladies have continued to venture into the art, not just as players but as producers of these video games and their ideas have brought in fresh feel into the gaming industry. Thanks to the likes of Jane, gaming has become more interesting. Let’s find out some interesting facts about this English multi-talent.

Jane Douglas Biography

Jane Douglas was born in London, England, to an Asian mother and an English father. Her mother is half Chinese and half Malaysian and it is to a large extent the reason why Jane Douglas has an Asian look. Jane is of mixed ethnicity of Caucasian, Chinese and Malaysian. She is known to also have American nationality. She was born on the 28th day of January, in the year 1984, not the only child of her parents as she has a sister whose name and age are not revealed. Jane has practically lived the majority of her life in her birth country. She was born in the United Kingdom, raised there, schooled there and she works there as well.

5 Interesting Things We Need To Know About Jane Douglas

1. Douglas is a Master’s degree holder

Jane Douglas is endowed with intellect. She earned her Master of Science degree in Physics from the University of Warwick. We all know that before anybody can achieve that feat, he/she must have first passed through college and have earned a Bachelor’s degree. Yes, Jane Douglas is no exception as she, like every other Master’s degree holder, first earned a bachelor’s degree but what remains unknown is where she obtained her first degree from and in what discipline.

2. She is married to Andy Farrant

It is no longer news that Jane Douglas is married to YouTube star Andy Farrant but the date of their marriage is not known as the couple chose to have a private wedding. Only selected family members and close friends were informed and invited to their wedding – a stunt adopted by the couple so as not to draw much crowd and the attention of prying eyes. It wasn’t until pictures of the couple getting married began to trend online that people got to know that the pair were married. Jane Douglas was seen in her beautiful all-white wedding dress and her spouse in his blue tuxedo and yellow tie. As the date of their wedding was not known, the location where the ceremony took place was kept a secret as well.

Jane Douglas – 5 Interesting Things We Need To Know
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Jane’s husband Andy Farrant is a well-known YouTube personality, he was born in the United Kingdom on April 30, 1982, and he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American Literature and History from the University of Kent, a public university located in Canterbury, England. Not long after earning his B.A, Andy started working as a content producer for a renowned gaming company, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. In 2010, Andy was listed in MCV Magazine as one of the under-30 – 30 Most Influential Persons in the gaming industry.

3. She works with Outsidexbox

Jane Douglas is known to be affiliated with Outsidexbox where she works as a writer, producer, director and also hosts a short documentary show on its YouTube channel. Working for Outsidexbox has seen Jane work with her husband Andy Farrant, as well as popular YouTube personality Mike Channell.

4. What is Jane’s net worth

The multi-talented lady earns from numerous sources but as a private person, she has not let out the particular amount she takes home from the various jobs she does. Working as a TV host, Jane Douglas is believed to earn about $30k to $55k per annum. She is also believed to receive a lot more from her career as a co-producer for Outside Xbox, however, her actual net worth has not been revealed.

5. Jane Douglas’s height

Jane Douglas stands at 168cm (5’ 6”) tall. Her height keeps her 5 inches shorter than her husband.