Jared Dines Wiki – Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family And Other Facts

Jared Dines Wiki – Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family And Other Facts

Jared Dines is an American musician and a former vocalist for the band Dissimulator. He was also a former drummer for Rest Repose before finally settling down with the guitar after a lineup change. Dines is also popular as a Youtuber. He launched his Youtube channel th3ycharg3 (now Jared Dines) back in June 2010, where he uploads his covers and music-related comedy skits.

He also uploads videos showing original songs, as well as already popular songs but in the style of metal as he also does report on metal trivia. Learn more about the YouTube sensation below, his age, family, girlfriend, and other fascinating facts.

Jared Dines – Age

Although the YouTube personality was in Washington on October 6, 1989, there isn’t any other info online about his early life, background, parents or siblings.

He launched his Youtube channel back in 2010. The channel currently has over 1.8 million subscribers and has garnered over 4 million views. In 2016, he uploaded a video “If Eminem was metal” that garnered more than 300,000 views in just 3 days.

In February 2016, Jared Dines and Austin Dickey came up with a gaming YouTube channel which they called The DickeyDines Show, which garnered about 50,000 subscribers in less than six months.

As already mentioned, Dines is also a musician, he is very skilled with the guitar. In 2011, he uploaded a song by his old band in which he performed as a guitarist as well as a vocalist. In 2016, he released his own solo EP called The Dark.

In August 2016, Dines announced he will be taking a break from making videos, citing exhaustion and personal issues as reasons behind his action. On how long his hiatus would take, he sincerely said he wasn’t sure how long it would take before he comes back. However, the following month(September 2016), Jared was back, doing what he loves to do. He returned from his YouTube break with a new track called Demogorgon.

Jared Dines Wiki – Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family And Other Facts
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The Djent 2017 Scam

In 2017 Jared Dines was scammed while making a video called Djent 2017. On October 17th, 2017, he commissioned a 17-string guitar he got from Olson Guitarworks, which he planned to use for his video at the time.

Olson Guitarworks had claimed to be into guitar making and that he has built numerous guitars for people in the past. He promised to make Dines a 17-string guitar for this video and charged him a little over $1,000. For a start, Jared paid him $1,200 for the guitar to be made. He would later find out that Nicholas wasn’t at all into guitar making but had ordered the guitar from a Chinese website and that it cost him just $400.

The photos Nicholas was sending to Jared that showed him ‘building’ the guitar were actually faked as it was only pictures of chopped-up pieces of a door.

Jared Dines did a video exposing Olson Guitarworks’ scam and apologizing to his fans who were waiting for his Djent 2017 project. He also expressed his desire to still get the 17-string instrument and called on anyone who would make him a legit 17-string guitar to step forward as he promised to pay for it and will be very appreciative as it would help him realize his project.

After the scam was revealed, Olson Guitarworks ceased production and deleted all social media accounts.

Dines eventually went on with his ‘Djent 2017’ video but with a new name – 17 Guitars. A real Australian guitar company named ‘Ormsby Guitars’ did reach out to him and built him a real 18 string guitar for his ‘Djent 2018’ project which was unveiled at NAMM 2018.

Net Worth

The YouTube sensation is said to be currently worth $200,000. This is basically from his channel and from the ads that appear on the videos.

Family, Girlfriend

Not much is known about his family life or relationships but he is said to have dated a girl named Kayti.

Other Interesting Facts About Jared Dines

Jared learned production on his own and he presently works as an engineer in a recording studio.

He is skilled in playing other musical instruments like the bass guitar, and drums.

His first recording studio Joes Studio was named after his cat, Joe.

His most famous video was his 2014 video 10 styles of metal which went viral on many social media platforms, garnering over 10,000,000 views on YouTube since its release.