Jared Fogle – Bio, Net Worth, Why Is He In Prison, When Will He Be Released?

Some people are bound for the skies until they decide to make some wrong turns and then they end up falling faster than they rose. This time around, it is Jared Fogle who came to the eyes of the public as a spokesman for Subway restaurant. He also featured in many of its advertising campaigns after he was said to have lost significant weight from eating subway sandwiches. In 2015, he was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for sexual activities with minor and distribution of child pornography.

Jared Fogle Biography

Famous as “the Subway Guy”, Jared Scott Fogle was born on August 23, 1977, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was brought up in a Jewish home by his parents, Norman and Adrienne Fogle alongside two younger siblings.

For his education, Jared went to Indianapolis’ North Central High School from where he graduated in 1995 and then he moved to Indiana University. After his graduation, he worked with American Trans Air for a little while.

While growing up, Fogle had an eating disorder that led him to become obese. He continued with the condition until he went to the university. In 1998, he was said to have started eating only two Subway sandwiches daily, while also exercising some more. In less than a year, the 425 pounds man dropped to 245 pounds.

This got his dorm mate to write a piece about him that made it to the student newspaper’s front page. The next place that the story would land was in Men’s Health article, “Stupid Diets That Work.”

That began his journey to fame and fortune. In 2000, he began appearing in advertising campaigns for Subway restaurants and then in “Jared Has Aides” which is an episode of South Park. He also made WWE appearances in 2009 and 2011 while also making speeches. However, his most significant work was with subway which claimed he helped triple its revenue between 1998 and 2011.

Net Worth

From a successful career that he has been fortunate enough to build, Jared Fogle had a net worth that was estimated at $15 million in 2013. However, following his crime and travails, he has lost a huge part of his fortune after he was made to pay $1.4 million to 14 of his victims. More so, he parted ways with $7 million following his divorce from Katie McLaughlin.

Way back in 2004, he founded the Jared Foundation through which he promised to raise awareness on the issues of childhood obesity, but as it would later be found, he did not spend any money on the project.

Why Is He In Prison?

With a career that was rising pretty fast, Jared Folge made some inappropriate comments to reporter Rochelle Herman-Walrond about middle school-aged girls which she reported to the police. In the years to come, she was used by the FBI to get recordings and other information about him, but that did not lead anywhere.

However, it got him on the radar and it was soon found that he got child pornography from Russell Taylor who was convicted in a child pornography case.

In 2015, his home was raided by the Indiana State Police investigators and the FBI, taking away his computers and electronic equipment. Immediately after this, Subway suspended any ties with him before cutting it off completely.

Apart from his job, he also lost his marriage as his wife, Katie McLaughlin, whom he married in 2010 sought and got a divorce from him. Before he married McLaughlin, Jared first married Elizabeth Christie in 2001, but by 2007, the union ended in a divorce.

In the investigations that ensued, it was not only found that he was talking about abusing minors of between 9 and 16, he was also in possession of child pornography and he had had sexual activities with a minor. For his crimes, he stood to serve up to 50 years in prison if found guilty, and so he made a deal by pleading guilty to engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and receiving and distributing child pornography.

In his defense, his lawyers claimed that following his weight loss, the Subway Guy replaced the compulsive eating disorder he suffered from with hypersexuality, including what it described as mild pedophilia. He was, however, sentenced to 15 years, 8 months in prison.

When Will He Be Released?

The defense team filed an appeal seeking to have his sentencing reduced, but the sentencing was upheld in 2016. Based on that, Jared Fogle will remain behind bars for a minimum of 13 years before he can be eligible to be set free for good behavior. Hence in the least, he may be out by July 11, 2029.

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