Jason Gastrow Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth and Girlfriend

Jason Gastrow Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth and Girlfriend

If you visit YouTube to watch video game players do what they love doing, then you must have probably come across Jason Gastrow. He is a YouTuber better known as VideoGameDunkey or Dunkey among other nicknames. His best-known gameplays are his League of Legends series and Dunkviews. Occasionally he sings or raps in his broadcasts and is loved for having a mild sense of humor and often making witty sentences.

Learn more here about this media personality and know specifically about his age, biography, girlfriend, net worth, and height.

Jason Gastrow Biography, Age

This American YouTuber was born on the 30th day of January 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States of America.

For now, much of his family information and childhood life is yet to be made public. This shouldn’t be something to be worried about as it is quite typical of most young celebrities who are still getting started in the world of stardom. Similarly, many YouTube personalities exist almost like islands without any traces of their family origin or their educational background.

However, considering the pace at which Jason Gastrow is rising in his YouTube entertainment career, we expect and hope he will divulge some information about his parents, childhood, and educational life so perhaps some of us who may share one or two things in common with him can proudly relate more to him on such things and be all happier knowing that we have akin roots.

YouTube Interest

From an early age, young Jason had a penchant for entertaining people with his video gameplays. As he got older and mastered more and more games, he decided to take to YouTube to entertain a larger audience without any limitations. This decision has paid off as his channel – videogamedunkey created on 21st October 2010 now has over 9 million views with 4.6 million-plus subscribers. His first upload was “Battletoads, One Life Speedrun” same month and year, videogamedunkey came up.

The channel that has a description that reads “watch my stupid ass videos” has about 583 “stupid ass videos” and counting you will love to watch.

Jason’s videos cover his mastery and technical style of play of some of the best video games that have been played and are still being played today.

“League of Legends,” “Hitman: Absolution,” “GTA V,” “Halo 1-4,” “Left 4 Dead,” “Superman 64,” are some of his highly watched games on his YouTube channel.

Jason Gastrow Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth and Girlfriend
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Know His Girlfriend

Jason Gastrow has been in a longtime relationship with Leah Bee. The love between them is not only strong but seems convincing when you see their collaborations on his YouTube videos. This has made her a popular YouTube personality as well.

Their relationship has been going on smoothly ever since Gastrow announced it in October 2017. They have been often spotted severally in public in addition to Jason often posting pictures of them together on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

What Is His Net Worth?

Jason Gastrow sure makes some money if not a lot of money from his YouTube career. Sources reveal that he is actually worth between $1 to $2 million. Considering how well his channel has been doing, his net worth should probably be in a steady upward movement.

Jason Gastrow Height

Jason in his own right is probably good-looking as he stands at 5 feet 10 inches from the ground. His bodyweight is between 80 to 85kg which puts him a little bit on the heavy side. Not fat, just sizeable and manly enough.

We earlier mentioned that Jason Gastrow sings and raps at times in his videos but we didn’t mention some songs that have been credited to him. His musical works include –

“Get Dunkey” (League of Legends)

“I Got It” (League of Legends)

“Petters on the Low (Payne Mix)” (Max Payne 3 )

“LoL Cypher” (League of Legends)

“I Got It” (League of Legends)

“League of Legends Horse Rap” (League of Legends)

“Petters on the Low” (Red Dead Redemption)

“Rise of the Ops” (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

“Dunkey’s Jam” (Glover)

Perhaps you have heard someone refer to him with a name or names other than what you know him hitherto. Well, Jason Gastrow has a lot of nicknames with which he identifies. Such nicknames include Dink, Video Game Dunkey, Dunk House, Dunk Ocean, Dunk, Dunkstin, MeatWadSprite, and Dunkey.