Jason Probst – Bio, Family, Net Worth, Facts About The YouTuber

Jason Probst – Bio, Family, Net Worth, Facts About The YouTuber

Jason Probst is an American YouTube star popularly known for his Minecraft game videos on his channel TrueMU. He is also known as a long-time friend of rapper, Post Malone. After playing video games for more than five years, he lost interest in the craft to follow in his friend’s steps into the music industry, though he would later revive his first love. Although his new venture has recorded remarkable success as well, Jason Probst is still widely known as a Minecraft gamer. Read about the American gamer and musician below.

Jason Probst Biography

Jason Allen Probst was born on the 7th of June 1995, in Grapevine, Texas. His birth sign is Gemini. He shared his childhood with his sister, Emily but nothing is out there about the parents who raised them. Details about his early years and family background are not available at the moment.

He shares the same high school alma mater – Grapevine High School – with singer, songwriter, and actress, Demi Lovato; singer, Post Malone (who also happened to be his best friend), and singer Norah Jones. He graduated in 2013.

On August 30, 2010, Jason Probst joined the gaming community on YouTube. He started his gaming channel named TrueMU in collaboration with his friend Branson, as a Minecraft channel. After Branson’s departure, Probst was left as the channel’s sole representative. Since then, he has continued to publish various gaming videos.

Apart from TrueMU, Probst was a member of the YouTube gaming channel, Team Crafted, now known as Vision Squad. He played alongside fellow gamers ThatGuyBarney, Deadlox, SkyDoesMinecraft, JeromeASF, HuskyMUDKIPZ, and YourPalRoss. They often play parkour or adventure maps. Jason also did Minecraft mini-games with the team members. Vision Squad, though has only a few videos has amassed more than 936k subscribers with over 3 million views.

Jason Probst soon grew weary of Minecraft and stopped creating content for his channel. He chose music over gaming and took time to foster a career in the industry. The last video on his channel was posted in 2016, on October 7. However, in May 2018, Probst deleted all the content on his channel and transitioned to Fortnite content. He renamed the channel to Fortnite Stuff and mostly shows clips of other famous Fortnite players. In no time, he became a professional Fortnite streamer.

Not long after he changed his channel name, in August of 2018, Probst unprivated all of his old Minecraft videos and changed his name back to TrueMU, after stating clearly that he misses TrueMU in Logdotzip’s video. Moreover, he private all of his previous Fortnite videos. He has continued to do Minecraft mods, updates, and maps. His channel currently has not less than 2.5 million subscribers with more than 430 million viewership.


Before Probst left for California, he lived with his family in Texas. However, the only known member of his family is his younger sister, Emily. There is no information regarding his parents. Meanwhile, he has a cat named Teddy.

Net Worth

Jason Probst has come a long way in his career and as such, is also expected to have a large purse to show for his stresses. Though his net worth is unknown, it would have grown to an enviable amount given the amount of work he has put into his career.

He has a white Aston Martin Rapide, a feat to prove the success of his YouTube channel. He also earns from the sale of merch on his website.

Facts about the YouTuber – Jason Probst

Probst is a longtime friend of Post Malone

While the duo has moved on with their chosen careers, one thing is certain, they started out from the same origin, Grapevine, Texas. Probst and Post were friends back in the day. They both lived and schooled together in Texas before moving out to the nation’s entertainment hub, Los Angeles, California to try out a larger platform for their respective career.

Jason continued streaming Minecraft and Malone found success as a rapper. The latter’s success in the music industry might have informed the gamer’s decision to try his hands on music.

Besides Malone, Jason Probst is also good friends with other YouTubers including Adam Dahlberg (SkyDoesMinecraft) and Ty Ellis (Deadlox).

He makes music

As earlier stated, Malone’s prominence in the rap-making scene might have influenced his friend’s decision to try his hand at music. After Probst left the gaming scene in late 2016, he shifted his focus to music. According to his Twitter profile, Jason stated that he makes videos for gamers and music for people.

He uses electronic instruments to create his music. He has recorded various songs including his outro song, Eclipse. Jason Probst also did the background music/mixing for CavemanFilms’ parody Flee For Your Life. When he is not playing games on his channel, he works on his new songs.

Social Media Presence

From his loud YouTube presence, it could be garnered that Probst is no newcomer to the social media game. He joined the Twitter family in July 2011 and has earned over 448k followers therein. He is also on Instagram, where he is leading more than 216k followers.