Jayka Noelle – Biography, Family Facts, All You Must Know About The Model

Jayka Noelle – Biography, Family Facts, All You Must Know About The Model

Jayka Noelle is a teenage actress and was a child model. Although she is known by many as a model, she most recently gained fame came through acting. She kick-started her showbiz career with modeling and she modeled for various companies and brands. She advertised products and services for these brands through several commercials. One of the commercials worthy of note is that of the Old Navy which aired during the Olympics in 2012.

Such fame at such a young age could not have been gotten alone. Jayka has amazing and very supportive parents. Her mother has also encouraged her newfound love, acting. She started a career in films when she began appearing on the kid’s version of Fine Bro’s web series Kids React. These appearances are what she is best known for. When she grew from a kid into a teenager she keyed into the teenage series and became a regular. She has appeared in over 60 videos as a reactor.

Asides from her career she is famous for being the best friend to one-time child model and current TV sensation, Skai Jackson, who is a popular actress known for her appearances on both movies and television.

Jayka Noelle’s Biography

Jayka Noelle was born in 2002, on the 16th of November. She was born in the popular city of California. It is not known if she grew up in California as nothing is known of her elementary or high school pursuits. However, it is known that she attended the 3-2-1- Acting Studios, where she took lessons on how to become a good actress.

She began her career pursuits at a very young age. Noelle started modeling for different companies as a child. Soon, she moved over to acting and started starring on the web series, Kids React. This was where she eventually gained her fame. Her most popular episode was Kids React to Harlem Shake. When she became a teenager, she joined the teen series, Teen React. She began appearing on this series in 2013. Within three years, she had appeared in 60 videos. She is currently represented by LA Talent and AKA Talent agencies.

Family Facts

Some celebrities, like to keep facts about their family a secret. This is because they prefer their personal matters to remain private. Jayka is one of such people. She has disclosed very little information about her family. She has revealed her mother’s name as Kae and says she was very supportive during her childhood modeling pursuits and auditions. Kae’s occupation is not known. Nothing is known about Jayka’s father either. It is not known if Jayka has any siblings or where the family currently resides.

Other Facts You Must Know About Jayka Noelle


Like every other person, Jayka has hobbies and activities she likes to get involved in. One of such is acting. She picked interest in acting soon after she put a pause on her modeling career. Also, Jayka is a big fan of music and loves to sing a lot. Finally, she likes to skate and is a competitive figure skater.

Relationship Status

In the 21st century, it is not strange to hear about teenagers who are in love and are in public relationships. These relationships are most times supported by the parents of both parties involved. After a detailed search into the life of Jayka Noelle, it was found out that she is not one such teenager. Noelle has no records of being publicly involved with anyone in a romantic relationship. Her current relationship status is single and she has not revealed any intentions of going into one any time soon.

Jayka Noelle – Biography, Family Facts, All You Must Know About The Model
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Friendship with Skai Jackson

One of the popular people Jayka Noelle has been associated with is Skai Jackson. Records have it that the young ladies are best friends. Recently, the two girls were spotted at the NoH8 campaign. Jayka posted pictures of their campaign adventures on her social media accounts. In the picture, they both had No H8 written on their faces with tapes across their mouths.

Skai Jackson is most popular as an actor, although she was also a child model, who modeled for Band-Aid bandages. She appeared in the company’s commercials and several other national commercials too. Currently, Skai is a teenage actress, she is known for her roles in films like Liberty Kid and Resume Me.

Controversies and Scandals

Many celebrities have the habit of frequently appearing on headlines and cover pages of tabloids for scandals associated with them. However, some celebrities prefer a low-key life, with media attention only on their accomplishments and nothing negative. One of such celebrities is Jayka Noelle. Although she has been in the spotlight for a long time, she has not appeared on the news because of any controversies or scandals.

Net Worth

The world is changing so fast, gone are those days where one has to be done with their educational pursuits, secure a good job before they begin to earn and have the lives of their dreams. Today a child who is barely 10 years old could be making an amount monthly that a working-class adult may not be making in a year.

Jayka Noelle has been in the spotlight and behind cameras for a very long time, even though she is just a teenager. She kicked off her career as a child model appearing on commercials. It is no news that models make a good sum of money in America, up to the tune of $42,000 annually. However, there are no statistics available to show her aggregate earnings from her modeling career.

As an actress, she has also made quite a lot with over 60 video appearances on the YouTube web series, Teen React. Unfortunately, her current net worth is still under review by credible sources like Forbes.

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