To fans of the reality television dating show, Ex on the Beach, the name Jemma Lucy is one name that would, of course, be very familiar, as she starred on two seasons of the show. Despite the fact that Lucy was born into a life of privilege, she chose to settle for a very complicated kind of lifestyle. Jemma is famous for her various stints as an entrepreneur, DJ, a Dating site owner, makeup artist and once a stripper; amongst all these, she is best known as a supermodel and a reality television personality. Learn more about her bio, family, and other facts below.

Jemma Lucy Biography

Lucy is an Englishwoman born in Oxford, England, as Jemma Henley on May 16, 1988. She is an international tattoo model, television personality and entrepreneur. Jemma current residence is in the city of Manchester, England. She was born into a wealthy family and was raised in luxury.

When she was a little girl, her family moved to Singapore, where Jemma attended an expensive international school. Jemma attended many schools due to her habit of getting into trouble and getting expelled from school. She got expelled from her first school when she was 11, for breaking several school rules. It made her parents to send her back to the UK, where she was then enrolled in a high-class school in England. She got expelled for the second time and then began attending the prestigious all-girls school, St. Mary’s School in England, as a boarding student. She managed to get herself into trouble once again and was expelled, making it her third expulsion from school.

As a teenager, her bad behavior did not just apply to her school alone and despite receiving an allowance of £150 every two weeks, she still chose to go shoplifting on several occasions. On three of these occasions, she got arrested for shoplifting. According to Jemma, the reasons for her rebellious behavior as a child was due to her not getting much attention from her parents, as she felt they chose to give the bulk of their attention to her sister.

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Family: Parents and Siblings

Jemma Lucy’s father is Robert Henley, a shipping company director, while her mother is Jayne Norris, a designer, and publisher. When Jemma was in her early 20’s, she got her first tattoo, disobeying several warnings from her mother not to do so. Jemma’s bad character in addition to her new tattoos made her mother furious, which led to Jemma being estranged by her mother. Jayne Norris described Jemma’s actions as disgraceful to the family.

Jemma has one sibling, a sister named Lulu Henley. Lulu is an established fitness coach and she resides in Australia. Many say Lulu serves as a reminder of how Jemma looks like before she inked-up and also got her many surgeries.

Other Facts About The Glamour Model

When Jemma Lucy was 17, her parents tricked her into participating in the second season of Brat Camp by making her believe they were sending her on a skiing trip. At Brat Camp, she spent several weeks with six other rebellious teenagers at Turnabout Ranch. The reality TV show served as Jemma’s debut screen appearance.

Jemma competed in the British reality television show Signed by Katie Price in 2011, as one of the top 13 contestants who competed for a management contract with Blacksheep Management. Blacksheep is a management company owned by . Unfortunately for Jemma, she got eliminated on the sixth episode of the show, finishing in sixth place.

Jemma Lucy featured for the first time on the reality television series Ex on the Beach in 2015, in the show’s third series. She also featured on the show’s fifth ‘All-Star’ series in 2016 before leaving the beach in the seventh episode.

  • She Participated in Celebrity Big Brother 20 in 2017
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She starred in Celebrity Big Brother’s 12th British TV reality game show Celebrity Big Brother 20 in 2017. She competed alongside 14 other contestants. Although she got to the finals of the show, Jemma finished in the sixth position.

Jemma is open about her sexuality and is attracted to both genders. In an interview with Trisha Paytas, where she and the YouTube star discussed her bisexuality, Jemma was quoted saying. “I always date girls who fall for me faster. I’m still working stuff out for myself, but I know I want to be with a man at the end of the day”.

The glamour model is pregnant and she has refused to give out the identity of her soon to be baby-daddy. She is about six months pregnant and is expected to deliver her first child sometime in the summer of 2019. Despite her refusal to reveal who the father of her unborn child is, earlier this year, Jemma claimed to have been physically abused by the unknown man and further made claims that he tried to kidnap her and force her to abort her unborn child.

  • Jemma Lucy Owns a Dating Site

Jemma owns a hook-up site called Jemsplayground. She is also the co-founder and face of a dating site for people with tattoos called Datingink.