Jennie Kim – Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Sister, Net Worth

Jennie Kim – Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Sister, Net Worth

Jennie Kim is a South Korean singing sensation and a member of the 4-girl music group Black Pink. After her five-year study in New Zealand, she trained in one of the nation’s biggest labels in the music industry, YG Entertainment.

In 2018, she successfully branched out from the group to explore a career as a solo artist while still retaining her membership. Her single, Solo, swept through pop charts and shows around the world.

This New Zealand-raised K-pop artist is fast becoming one of the most known and arguably most loved K-pop idols out there, inspiring audiences around the world. Here are her other facts.

Jennie Kim – Bio, Age

Jennie Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, on the 16th day of January 1996. She is also known by the mononym Jennie and has other nicknames including a self-ascribed moniker NiNi which she uses on IG, Human Gucci – for her love for branded clothing, as well as mandukie – because of her rounded cheek which looks like a dumpling (known as Mandu in Korea).

After her ninth birthday, Jennie moved to New Zealand to further her education. She studied at ACG Parnell College and in 2011, upon completing her studies, she moved back to South Korea. She is a real polyglot; fluent in Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean languages.

Following her return, she took part in an audition organized by YG Entertainment and was signed by the label as a trainee at the age of 14. Jennie Kim trained for six years during which she honed her vocal skills, as well as developed her aptitude in rapping. During her training, Jennie built up a public profile through her appearances in songs and music videos such as Lee Hi’s song Special in 2012, G-Dragon’s That XX and Black, as well as Seungri’s song, GG Be in 2013.

She became the main rapper of YG Entertainment’s girl band, Black Pink in August 2016 following the group’s formation in June. Other members include Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. The group’s discography includes two digital single albums, Square One and Square Two, two EPs, Blackpink and Square Up. They made their debut in Japan in August 2017 and are expected to debut in the US in Coachella 2019.

Jennie Kim – Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Sister, Net Worth
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Working as a solo artist or launching a solo career after being part of a group is not an easy task. However, branching out into a solo career while still a member of a team is somewhat a much arduous task but fulfilling, to say the least. There couldn’t be more beauty in it than that which is presented by Jennie in 2018 when she debuted as a solo artist with her single Solo which was released on November 12.

The song became a major hit, hours after its release. It also piled on a number of record-making successes such as becoming the most viewed music video by a female K-pop solo artist in the first 24 hours of release. Solo also topped Korea’s major music chart as well as placed Jennie atop of iTunes charts in 40 different countries, including the iTunes Worldwide Songs Chart, consequently, she became the first K-pop female solo artist to hit the mark.

Additionally, it occupied the number one position for two consecutive weeks on the Digital and Streaming charts on Gaon Chart in South Korea. Thanks to Solo’s successes, Jennie Kim received her first-ever music show win on SBS’ Inkigayo on November 25, 2018.

Seungri called Jennie Kim YG’s secret weapon in 2013 and the label seems to have given a positive nod to that. The above records could make us see why. They consider her to be their trump card and she is often referred to as the YG princess in the group. She is also the fashion icon in the group and usually gets invites to luxury fashion events. In June 2018, Jennie became Chanel Korea’s ambassador. She attended her first Chanel fashion show during Paris Fashion Week in October 2018 where she sat front row alongside Pharrell Williams and Pamela Anderson.

Moreover, she is considered to be the leader of the group, despite not being the oldest. The title is held by Jisoo who was born on January 3, 1995. But leadership has nothing to do with age, or does it? Like every member of the band, Jennie Kim has a huge fan base and is one of the highest-rated K-pop singers. She has stated Rihanna as her influence.

Net Worth

Kim has come a long way in terms of earnings since she debuted as a singer. Her net worth is estimated at $500,000 which is expected to appreciate in the coming years as her career rises.

Her Parents, Sister

Jennie Kim is the only child born to her parents. Her mother is an executive member of the media company CJ E&M while her father is the owner of a hospital. Despite not having any siblings, Jennie receives a lot of love from her folks as well as group members, especially Lisa, who became like her sister. Like real sisters, the duo does all the fun things siblings do together – joking around, sharing food, as well as affection.

Jennie Kim Height

Kim stands at 1.63 m tall, only taller than Jisoo (1.62 m) in the group. Rose is the tallest of the four beautiful ladies at 1.68m while Lisa comes in second at 1.67m.

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