Jennifer Love Hewitt Husband, Children, Feet, Measurements

Hers is another story of Disney to the big screens and boy is it a good one. The star is so well-rounded and there is no doubt that her celebrity status is more than well deserved. So it is only proper that before we delve into the topic of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband, children, feet, and her measurements, we should check out a few facts about the talented actress herself.

She was born Jennifer Love Hewitt on February 21, 1979, in Waco, Texas. That would mean that the talented actress just turned 38 this year. That is quite astounding considering the fact that she looks like she is still in her 20’s, her slender form and evergreen looks are certainly working quite well for her. One might also attribute her Italian and German roots for making her look as dashing as she does till date.

By the time Hewitt clocked 10 years of age, she already knew that she wanted to pursue show business as a career path. She was lucky to have a supportive family, as they all moved to L.A with the encouragement of talent scouts, with the exception of her brother, Todd, who stayed behind in Texas to finish high school.

As talented as she is, she actually went through a series of flops before she landed her breakthrough role in the TV series Party Of Five, where she played Scott Wolf’s girlfriend. From that moment onwards, it was evident that she was playing in the big leagues.

Remember the 1996 version on Romeo+Juliet, well she was almost cast for the role of Juliet, but she lost the part to Claire Danes because the director thought she was not modern enough. Well, that ought to have stung a for a moment.

Soon enough, she was popular enough to turn down roles. She was actually offered a role on the hit TV series Charmed, the star was meant to take over Shannon Doherty’s place, but she turned it down, oh how times changed.

Before we get carried away with these interesting facts about the star, it is time ti nip this one in the bud and get us started on the topic of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Husband

It should interest you to know that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband is in fact, famous in his own right. His name is Brian Hallisay and the October born actor is currently 38 years of age. If you are wondering where you have seen him before, here’s a little idea. The star has major roles in the TV shows, Privileged, The Client List, and Revenge, that ought to jog your memory a bit.

He has also appeared on some other big time TV series, but not as a major member of the cast; a few of them are The InsideBonesBionic WomanBody Of Proof and Mistresses. So how did Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband meet his bride? Three words, The Client List, these two stars met on the set of this hit TV series and there is a rare case where mixing business with pleasure worked out well for both parties.

In June 2013, the two announced that they were engaged and expecting their first child, and they went on to get hitched that same year. What can we say, except that now they live happily ever after and that is definitely all we have on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Children

As of date, the star has two children Autumn Love Hewitt who was born on 26 November 2013 (3 years of age) and Atticus James Hallisay who was born on 24 June 2015 (1 year of age). Since the actress has been quite vocal about wanting to start a family for years, this was such a pleasant surprise. To top it all off, the two actually had a secret wedding prior to the birth of their amazing little girl, so it definitely was a two in one celebration.

In 2015, their baby boy came along and it was such a joy for the star and her fans worldwide. She told American Baby that she actually enjoyed being pregnant, her exact words were, “Pregnancy is magical. I’m grateful, it is not lost on me what a gift it is to be able to get pregnant.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Feet/Measurements

In addition to all the above topics, here is a summary of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s body measurements.

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Weight: 53 kilograms

Breast Size: 38 inches

Waist size: 25 inches

Hip Size: 38 inches

Shoe/Feet Size: 6 US

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