Jeremy Hunt – Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Career and Life Achievements

Jeremy Hunt is an English political icon and a member of the British Conservative Party who serves as the current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Jeremy has also been representing his hometown South West Surrey in the British Parliament since 2005. He began his political career several years ago after graduating with first class honors from Oxford University. His career took a positive turnaround in 2005, following his election to the UK parliament under the leadership of David Cameron. Learn more about the Hunt below.

Jeremy Hunt Biography

Right Honorable Jeremy Hunt was born on the 1st day of November 1966 in Kennington City of London, England to the former commander of Royal Navy, Nicholas Hunt and his wife Meriel Eve Hunt. Jeremy’s mother is the daughter of Major Henry Givan while Jeremy is also a distant relation of . He spent his childhood days in Shere neighborhood of Surrey where he completed his basic education at Charterhouse School.

Soon after his graduation from high school, he went on to study Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at the Magdalen College of the University of Oxford. While at Oxford, Jeremy was actively involved in politics and he served as the President of the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) in 1987. Being the best in his class, Jeremy graduated magna cum laude.

Professional Career and Life Achievements

Jeremy Hunt first started his career while working as a management consultant with a consulting company called OC&C Strategy Consultants. From there he went on to work as an English Language teacher in Japan. He spent two years in Japan and upon his return to the UK, Jeremy tried out different things before he founded a public relations company called Profile PR along with Mike Elms in 1991. Later on, his passion for finding a lasting solution that will help people abroad get a college in the UK led him to create another company called Hotcourses. The company has been running for over two decades and is a major client of the British Council.

Turning into a politician in 2005, Jeremy Hunt declared his intention to represent South West Surrey in the UK parliament. He contested under the conservative party and was able to defeat the former MP Virginia Bottomley. As a member of parliament, he served under the administration of Prime Minister David Cameron. He was made the shadow minister for the disabled people in 2005 and two years later, he joined the Shadow Cabinet where he became the Shadow Secretary for Media and Sport.

In 2010, Jeremy Hunt was re-elected for the same position as a Member of Parliament. Later in the same year, he was made the Culture Secretary and he served in that capacity until 2012. During his time as Culture Secretary, Jeremy spearheaded many campaigns including the plan to give Britain the fastest broadband speed in Europe. From 2012 to 2018, Jeremy served as the Health Secretary during which time he brought positive changes to the British health sector.

Additionally, following the resignation of Boris Johnson who is the former Foreign Secretary, Hunt was appointed by the current Prime Minister Theresa May to serve in that position in July 2018. Since then, Jeremy Hunt has been pulling stunts in protecting the interest of Britain with the outside world. He has become an icon in the UK political sphere and his good works sure do speak for themselves.

Net Worth: How Much is Jeremy Hunt Worth?

Jeremy Hunt has made huge wealth for himself not just as a politician but equally as a talented businessman. Along with his wife Lucia, Jeremy founded a real estate company called Mare Pond Properties Limited. His business has yielded so much and has significantly increased his net worth over the years. That said, Jeremy Hunt currently has his net worth penned at £14 million.

Jeremy Hunt’s Wife

In addition to his blossoming political career, Jeremy Hunt is successful in his love life. He is happily married to a lady named Lucia Guo. His wife Lucia is originally from Xi’an, China and is eleven years younger than him. The pair began their amazing love story in 2008 after meeting each other at a Hotcourses event held in Warwick, England. At the time, Lucia worked as an agent who helps in recruiting Chinese students for the University of Warwick. The pair bonded so well at their first meeting and hit it off immediately.

The following year, the gorgeous couple sealed their love in a traditional Chinese ceremony. Their wedding took place in Lucia’s hometown Xi’an, China in 2009 and they were blessed with three children – a son named Jack Hunt as well as two daughters Anna and Eleanor Hunt. Jeremy currently lives in Surrey, England with his wife Lucia and their three children.

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