Jesse Cox Girlfriend, Age, Wife, Parents, Height, Other Facts

Jesse Cox Girlfriend, Age, Wife, Parents, Height, Other Facts

The name Jesse Cox can be traced to three celebrities, one of them is a broadcaster, the other was an activist, and the third a YouTuber. Out of the three, this article focuses on the one whose fame was gotten from the activities he broadcasts on the popular video-sharing and streaming site, YouTube.

Jesse Cox is well known in the gaming community but this is not all he has achieved fame for. He is known for his comedy, voice acting, and the commentary on sports he often engages in. Here are some facts about this entertainer.

Jesse Cox Bio (Age)

In the historical town of Wheeling in West Virginia, Jesse Louis Cox was born on the 18th of May in 1981. He attended the State University of New York where he studied Theatre and History, majoring in the former while minoring in the latter.

Jesse Cox has not just one channel on YouTube but controls two channels; they are OMFGcata and Cox N’ Crendor. The first channel is currently called Jesse Cox. When Cox started to upload videos on YouTube, they were mostly targeted at gamers; the videos were reviews of games. However, this changed with time as he started to incorporate a wider range of content with his Let’s Play videos, his followership grew in a short while, and in 2016, he won an award for his channel.

The second channel he runs is with fellow YouTuber, Eric Hraab who is known as WoWCrendor, this channel is an extension of the podcast, Cox n’ Crendor in The Morning which they both run as well. Their YouTube channel is where they post important events that had occurred during the podcast. This is not the only podcast he runs as he co-hosts the CO-Optional Podcast as well; this he does with Brooke Thorne and in the past with John Bain.

Cox, is a big fan of games and constantly uploads videos of himself playing games or unboxing games, this focus on games sometimes falls in a serial pattern which has come to be known as his series that his most ardent fans keep up with.


Cox was born to Susan Cox and Jack Cox. His parents have been featured on his channel a number of times in Q&A sessions. In one of the sessions, they revealed that their son, Jesse, was named after his paternal grandfather while his middle name Louis, came from a maternal great-uncle who had died a week before Jesse’s birth.

 Jesse Cox Girlfriend, Age, Wife, Parents, Height, Other Facts
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His childhood was riddled with journeys as his parents felt the need to constantly move around the country, their final stop was at Ohio and this is where Jesse completed his high school education.

Jesse Cox Wife

Jesse Cox’s romantic life is kept very private by the YouTube star and there are currently no rumors or speculations about him having a girlfriend. In terms of marriage, there has been no report of a wife. The only girlfriend of Jesse that is known to the media is the one he had in college who tried to introduce him to anime but was not successful.

Height And Other Facts

• Pictures of Jesse Cox may not be flattering about his height but this entertainer stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, which is above the average height of a white American male.

• After graduating from S.U.N.Y, Jesse Cox decided to get a master’s degree from the University of Dayton. The degree was in Education.

• After Cox became a YouTuber, the CoxCon convention was named after him. It is a convention that bridges the gap between YouTube stars and their fans. This convention breaks through the barriers on the internet and brings these people together.

• Jesse Cox has a huge following on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram with over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter and more than fifty thousand on Instagram.

• Prior to his fame and recognition in the digital world, Jesse Cox worked as a teacher, he taught History. He was already working as a teacher when he started taking classes to earn a master’s degree.

• He does not only play video games but has voiced the characters in some of them. His most notable character is Genji from the game Awesomenauts.