Jesse Metcalfe’s Wife, Bio, Girlfriend, Gay, Height

He may be growing older, but you have to admit that this star has still got it, from his dashing good looks to his talent, Jesse Metcalfe is living the dream. Today may be all about the topic Jesse Metcalfe’s wife, bio, girlfriend, gay and his height, but it would be a cardinal sin to get started on all that before getting filled up with some interesting facts about the star himself.

He was born Jesse Eden Metcalfe on December 9, 1978, in Carmel Valley Village, California to Nancy (née DeMaio) and Jeff Metcalfe. He has quite an interesting racial cocktail, as his father is of English, Irish, French, and Italian descent while his mother is of Italian and Portuguese ancestry.

The star is among the league of celebrities who dropped out of college to pursue a career in showbiz.  He dropped out of NYU once he booked the part Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on the soap opera Passions. Gladly, it all worked out well for him.

Jesse is a very sporty person; his hobbies include basketball, golf, poker and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. In addition to that, he enjoys boxing as a workout as well as pilates and yoga.

Here is a fun one, in 2005, Jesse became the second star to appear on Punk’d twice (the only other one is Omarion).

We are just getting warmed up, it is now time to delve into the topic at hand beginning with Jesse Metcalfe’s wife.

Jesse Metcalfe’s Wife/Girlfriend/Gay

We should, in fact, be saying Jesse Metcalfe’s wife to be, seeing as he is currently engaged to the lady in question. The fact that we used the phrase ‘lady in question’ should erase all doubts about the star’s sexual orientation, he is not gay and has been involved in relationships with women even before he got engaged. Now that we have that all cleared up, let us move on.

Jesse Metcalfe’s wife to be is none other than Cara Santana, who is a well-known fashion blogger. The couple has been dating on and off since 2008, the ‘off’ here is referring to a brief moment in 2011 when they took a break from each other. Despite that, things have been moving pretty smoothly for the celebrity couple.

At some point in 2014, the couple was forced to deny reports about an engagement, in regards to that, Jesse said: “You know what, I’m not engaged. That’s some misinformation. I swear to God man, that’s some misinformation that has been floating around out there, that’s not to say we won’t get engaged and won’t get married, it seems to be going in that direction, but not yet.”

Well, it seems that ‘yet’ has finally come for the couple, Jesse proposed to her during a getaway in honor of her birthday with a lovely 5.5 carat emerald shaped diamond ring while aboard a 50-foot sailboat in the middle of the Hudson River in New York, according to Us Weekly. The wedding plans seem to be exciting both the bride and groom and both parties will be very involved in planning the event.

According to Cara, the wedding will take place in September 2018, so it is going to be a bit of a long engagement. She also revealed that she would start the actual planning around September 2017 and as such everyone expects it to be one hell of a wedding. Though she has not really put much thought into it yet, she has a couple of ideas in mind. Here is what she said.

“Small, intimate, 80 people, Martha’s Vineyard – call it a day, I want to make sure my guests enjoy, but anything else I’m like whatever.” She plans to involve her husband-to-be every step of the way and she s glad because he has great taste. There is nothing left but to wish them the best on their upcoming nuptials. That is all we have on the topic of Jesse Metcalfe’s wife.

Jesse Metcalfe’s Height

In addition to his height, here is a summary of Jesse Metcalfe’s listed body measurements.

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 82 kilograms

Chest Size: 42 inches

Waist Size: 32 Inches

Biceps Size: 15 Inches

Shoe Size: 11 US

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