Jesse Spencer Wife, House, Married, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Bio

Jesse Spencer Wife, House, Married, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Bio

A talented actor and musician, Jesse Spencer have come a very long way as an actor. Very popular for playing the character of Billy Kennedy on the well followed Australian soap opera Neighbors, the actor has also been having a good show playing the role of Mathew Casey on the likewise loved American TV show, Chicago Fire.

Jesse Spencer Bio

Jesse Spenser was born Jesse Gordon Spencer on 12 February 1979 in the state of Victoria, Melbourne Australia.

The actor was raised alongside his two brothers and a sister, by his parents who are Australian politicians and founders of the political party, Australians Against Further Immigration.

Both his parents have contested to hold political positions in the country under the party they founded.

For his education, Spenser attended the Canterbury Primary School before later moving to Malvern Central School, and then the private Scotch College.

Jesse Spencer Wife, House, Married, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Bio

Even though he became popular for his acting, Spenser who was a choir boy while growing up is also a musician. He plays the violin for the Band From TV which has other members as David Anders, Lester Holt, and Chris Kelley.

Apart from the violin, the actor and musician also play the guitar, the bass, and the piano.

Considering his background, one would expect that Jesse Spenser would be a politician of some sort or even a medical practitioner since all his siblings are doctors, but he has decided on acting since he was young. At the age of 15, he was able to audition to be a part of the Australian soap opera Neighbours. At the time, the teenager was still in College.

It was with the Neighbours that he began as a professional actor in 1991 when he played the role of Billy Kennedy. Next, he took part in Fox medical drama, House.

He has continued to appear in many TV shows and movies including Lorna Doone (2001), Curse of the Talisman (2001), Winning London (2001), Swimming Upstream (2003), Skum Rocks! (2013), Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D which is still showing.

Through his years in the industry, the actor has some interesting recognitions to show that include the Most Popular TV Actor for which he was nominated during the 1999 and 1998 Silver Logie Awards. He returned winning the first of the two nominations which were for Neighbours.

Jesse Spencer Wife, House, Married, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Bio

He was also nominated for other awards including Choice TV Breakout Performance – Male and (Teen Choice Awards) and Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (Screen Actors Guild Award), both for his role in House in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

Jesse Spencer Wife, Married, Girlfriend

One of the earliest women linked to him is Jennifer Morrison, who began a relationship with the actor as far back as 2004 after meeting before the shooting of the pilot episode of House.

In 2006, Jesse Spenser and Jenniffer Morrison announced that they were getting married, only to turn around and postpone the marriage before calling off the relationship in 2007.

Next, the actor decided on dating British actress, Louise Griffiths. The two dated for only 6 months before ending it.

Spenser also got into a relationship with top wave surfer, Maya Gabeira. The two began the relationship in 2010 and it lasted until 2012 when it finally came crashing just when it was believed that the two were heading to get married.

Another person who has been rumored as having a relationship with Spenser is Kali Woodruff. For now, it remains unknown if the two are dating, or if the actor is dating anyone at the moment.

Jesse Spencer Height

The 38 years old actor who has been named one of the most beautiful people in the world, has a good body build and is 5 feet 10 inches in height.

Net Worth

Having come thus far in his career as an actor and a musician, even though his band donates monies they raise to charity, the actor has a good showing for himself.

Jesse Spenser has an estimated net worth of $7 million. However, there are indications that soon he may be able to reach up to $8 million.