Jessica Graf – Bio, Ethnicity And Other Interesting Facts

We don’t often get to find celebrities who became famous for starring in a show they loved as kids. Only a few individuals have fallen into this category and Jessica Graf is one of them.

She is today, an American reality television personality, concierge, and a model who became famous for being part of the Big Brother 19 reality television show which aired on CBS in 2017. Jessica did not win the show but got so much exposure from it based on her conduct in the house and her highly publicized relationship with a co-contestant.

In the paragraphs that follow below, you will find out everything there is to know about her, including the widely asked question about her ethnicity.

Jessica Graf – Bio, Ethnicity

Jessica Graf is an American woman with a mixed ethnicity of Italian and Brazilian. Her father (Albert Graf) is of Italian descent while her mother (Cindy Helmick) is Brazilian. They welcomed their daughter (now Jessica Furtado Nickson) on 11th December 1990 in Cranston, Rhode Island but later moved to Los Angeles, California.

Growing up, one of Jessica’s favorite TV shows was the Big Brother reality television show. Then, she often watched the show with her father every summer but little did her father know that his daughter will one day be on the show. Sadly, neither did he also know that he won’t be alive to see her on the show. Albert Graf passed away in 2014 and this hurt Jessica gravely.

From her early days, Jessica Garf has always been an active kid. She was once a cheerleader of the New England Revolutions, a soccer club which plays in the Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the Eastern conference owned by New England Patriots owner . As for the rest of her childhood, Jessica has not made more revelations to that effect.

She became famous following her participation in the 19th season of the Big Brother reality television show. On the show, she began a showmance with fellow contestant Cody Nickson in the very first week the show aired and the duo kept at it till they left the reality show.

Competing for the star prize with them were 15 others, some of whom include who often bullied the duo of Jessica and Coddy, Christmas Abbott, Ramses Soto, Cameron Heard, Jason Dent, , Jillian Parker, etc.

As the nature of the show required, Jessica Graf who described herself as someone who is honest, loud, loyal and likes to work with people, used her “people pleasing” skills to form strategic alliances and go far on the show. This is not to say that everything ran smoothly for her, no, Graf also had some feuds with other contestants mainly Abbot, Martinez, and Abrahamian. She, however, tarried on and emerged one of the final 12. Jessica got evicted from the Big Brother 19 house on Day 51 while her partner got re-evicted on Day 58.

Other Interesting Facts About Her

  • Relationship With Cody Nickson

While we have seen showmance end as soon as the project that brought the two individuals together ended, the show romance between Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf has actually turned out to be real. It went far and beyond what some people might have assumed they were doing on the reality show to become a fan favourite. The pair who were tagged “Jody” maintained their relationship even after getting eliminated from the Big Brother 19 house and has remained together ever since.

The duo got engaged on the 13th of February 2018 and sometime that year, reports had it that they got married. In March 2019, they had a baby named Maverick Nickson. Young Maverick has already got an Instagram account of her own (mavericknickson) with a steadily growing number of followers.

Asides Maverick, Jessica is a stepmother to Cody’s daughter whom he had from a previous relationship.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson have remained very much in the spotlight after participating in the Big Brother reality show. Graf made an appearance on the series premiere of Celebrity Big Brother 1 (U.S.), a spin-off of the Big Brother show. She then made another appearance on Big Brother 20 (U.S.) with Cody, where they hosted a Power of Veto Competition.

The couple competed in the 30th season of The Amazing Race where they won the $1,000,000 grand prize and another $5, 000 they won earlier in the race. They became the first Big Brother contestants to win on the reality television series.

As someone who we earlier reported to be a model, you must have been reading expectantly to know what body stats Jessica Graf has. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 70kg.

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