Jessica Steen Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Body Measurements

Jessica Steen Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Body Measurements

Jessica Steen is a Canadian-born award-winning actress. She won a Gemini Award for her grievous role in CBC’s television movie- “Small Gifts.” And again, got a Gemini nomination for her gritty performance in the Canadian TV police drama – “Flashpoint”.

While Steen starred with Eric Roberts and Eddie Izzard as Police Commissioner Eva Braden, in the television comedy series- “Bulletin Face”, she appeared as Lisa Stillman on the CBC series – “Heartland”.

The Canadian film and television actress is famed for her roles as Corporal Jennifer in “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future”, Linda Metcalf in “Homefront”, Carolyn Miller in “Left Behind: World at War”, Co-Pilot Jennifer Watts in “Armageddon”, Dr. Julia Heller in “Earth 2” and Agent Paula Cassidy in “NCIS”.

If you ask Steen how her acting career kicked off, she’d say it all started when she was eight years old and quickly point out she has starred with the likes of Charlize Theron, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves, Jeff Daniels, and Michael Richards.

She would go on and relate that the TriStar’s 1989 “Sing” – an American drama film directed by Richard J. Baskin relocated her to New York. Later, in 1991, Steen moved to Los Angeles to take part in the Emmy and People’s Choice award-winning ABC series – “Homefront”. Jessica also moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to portray Dr. Julia Heller in the NBC series – “Earth 2”.

Jessica Steen Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Body Measurements

Jessica Steen Bio (Age)

Jessica Steen will celebrate her 52nd birth anniversary come 19th December 2017. She was born in 1965 in Toronto, Ontario.

Steen comes from a family that is passionate about acting. While her father, Jan Steen is a director and actor, her mother Joanna Noyes is an actress.  She co-starred with her mother in her first role in the Canadian children’s television series – “The Sunrunners”.

There’s more to Jessica Steen’s entertainment career. Apart from acting, She’s skilled in stilt-walking, fire-twirling, and fire-eating. The actress is of Dutch and Scottish ancestry. She’s an environmentalist and a supporter of animal rights.

Steen was once asked what she does when she’s not acting. Responding, she said:

“I have a very irregular life, and by that I mean I do many different things with my time. No day is the same, which is great for me because as they say, ‘variety is the spice of life’ and I utterly agree and live by that statement.”

She’s been all over Europe and has traveled to South Africa, Belize, Turkey, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados, Turks, and Caicos. Despite that, Steen thinks “there are so many more places to go.”

Jessica Steen Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Body Measurements

Jessica Steen Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband

Questions like “Who’s Jessica Steen husband” and “Is Jessica Steen married” are common among her fans. As she’s 51 years old, it’s easy for many to assume she must have been married and with kids.

Those who are aware Steen has no husband do wonder if she went through a divorce. Well, Jessica Steen has never been married to anyone. So far, she has given all her love, care, passion and devotion to her profession.

Nevertheless, it was once rumored that she lost a lover when she was much younger and is reluctant to love again. Later, it circulated that something special is going on between the  Canadian actress and her “Homefront” co-star – David Newsom. Many believe Jessica and Steen are still together and in love.

But then, this hasn’t been substantiated. Whatever that’s up with this aspect of Steen’s personal life is best known to her. She’s always avoided questions about this and has successfully revealed nothing about her romantic affairs.

While her silence has engendered speculations and raised questions about her ability to express herself as a sexual being, Steen isn’t bothered, she’s happy with her life and the way things are.

Jessica Steen Net Worth

Like her love life, Jessica Steen net worth has been a subject of several conjectures without firm evidence. It has been estimated that the value of everything she owns is $2 million.

It’d be mischievous to authenticate any of the figures quoted as her net worth. They are guesswork.

Jessica Steen Bio, Dating, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Body Measurements

Body Measurement

There’s no doubt about this, Jessica Steen is attractive, and her physique has endeared her more to her fans.

Jessica Steen is 5 feet 3 inches tall, she weighs a little more than 54kg and her body measurements are 34-25-35.