Jessii Vee – Age, Family & Facts About The YouTube Star

Canadian YouTuber Jessii Vee is one of the respected internet video creators, although she initially commenced her online career as a blogger who manages a food recipe channel. It was the persuasion of her teeming fans who wanted to see her video presentations of what she does that made her join YouTube.

The internet personality currently owns two YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers and she has also appeared in the 2017 Canadian web series Running With Violet.

Who is Jessii Vee and How Old is She?

As mentioned earlier, the young YouTuber is a citizen of Canada where she was born on the 14th of February 2014 in the city of  Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Although there is barely any information about the early education of Jessii Vee, we were able to dig out that she had her higher education in Humber College where she studied Advanced Graphic Design.

With regards to her career, Jessii Vie started out as a blogger with her own blog on Tumbler where she talked about food recipes which she captioned “Lord of the Rings” and “Sailor Moon”. The blog started gaining recognition and within a couple of years, it amassed over 30k subscribers and as a result of its success, she started receiving YouTube invitations from her followers who wanted her to join YouTube in order to create a vlog for her food recipes.

In 2014, Jessii Vee launched her own YouTube channel in response to the requests from her followers. Subsequently, she started posting videos that went viral, making her channel to gain over 175k subscribers within a short while. The success story of the channel even caught the interest of a Canadian News Agency, Brampton Guardian which published the success story of Jessii’s channel in one of their articles.

On seeing what she was able to accomplish and the recognition she has accumulated within a short period of time, she took vlogging as a serious business and made it her core professional career. As it stands, her channel has gained more than 674k subscribers and millions of views on all of her videos.

The year after launching her first channel, Jessii Vee created another YouTube channel she called Vee Vlog where she uploads videos under a series she titled Vee Time. The stories centre mainly on her experiences and several topics are touched with an undertone of humour.

Family Life Of The Internet Sensation

There are no lengthy details about Jessii Vee’s family except that the young internet celebrity was born and raised by her parents who are identified as Gavin and Niki Vee. She also has a sister named Mandi and it is worth knowing that both her mum and her sister are YouTubers. Mandi is known to co-own a channel with their mum Niki and the pair has been a source of influence and inspiration to Jessii.

Moreso, we gathered that the Vee family have their own business which is called Beautifully Borrowed which deals in clothing items and Jessii Vee is actively involved in the family business.

Other Facts About Jessii Vee

Some other facts about this YouTube sensation which might interest you are outlined below:

1. Aside from her career, Jessii Vee also has a very active romantic life. She was in a very public relationship with Kyle whom she dated for a long time and he was a regular face in most of her YouTube videos. However, the pair later went their separate ways and Jessii had to make an official video to tell her fans about the split.

2. Another interesting fact about the Canadian vlogger is that she enjoys to write and paint during her leisure time which is a skill she learned while studying to become a graphics designer.

3. In 2015, Jessii was privileged to attend the Buffer’s Festival which was organized every year to showcase the talents of several online video makers across the globe. The event was held in Toronto, Canada.

4. Sometime in 2017, the vibrant YouTuber made it know that she had Lyme disease and she was being treated for it.

5. It is also worth knowing that Jessi Vee is known and respected for the uniqueness of her contents as she refrains from using vulgar words and lies to gain fame.

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