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People sometimes tend to be defined by those around them. From our parents at home to the teachers in our schools, the kids on the playground, and even to our best buddies in college. Every set of people we met and have an interaction with has an influence on our lives; the next question will be for how long, are these influences temporary or permanent.

Whether or not it is good or bad is a different ball game. Having a popular and sometimes controversial husband has its own perks and troughs or so it has proved for Jill Rhodes Hannity. While Jill avoids controversy and toes the line of political correctness, her husband Sean, a television anchor and a news-show host forms part of the conservative media support base for President Trump. More often than not, his opinion on sensitive issues causes uproars of different sorts.

Jill Rhodes Hannity’s Bio

Jill Rhodes Hannity was born on August 27, 1962, in Alabama, a native of the area. Her sun sign is the gentle Virgo. Information about where she might have gone to high school and childhood stories are hard to find. She attended the University of Alabama where she majored and graduated from the Department of Journalism.


It is somewhat of a cliché to say that professional friendships can rarely go on to become full-fledged love stories that lead up to tying the knot and enjoying a blissful married life. When they first worked together in 1991, Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes never knew their work relationship would evolve into marriage.

Jill is a great journalist in her own right and at the time of their first encounter when Sean Hannity called her, she was a political columnist for the “Huntsville Times”. Sean Hannity, on the other hand, was working as a radio show host on WVNN radio at the time and they would work together crafting story ideas. Finally, after about a year of going back and forth, of Sean leaving voicemails for work and all, they finally met in 1992.

Reflecting upon the moment, Jill said that she knew from the moment she saw him that he was the man she was going to marry. This took place when Sean Hannity invited her to join him for a perceived work thing which turned out to be a date in the end. This was the Huntsville mayoral debate that he had organized. After her declaration in 1992, they wedded in 1993. They began their married life living in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been together for a lengthy part of their professional careers.

Sean Hannity is a man with deep roots that draw life from core values ingrained in family, country, and faith as he is a conservative political commentator. Having written his book ‘Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism’ Sean Hannity dedicated the book to his wife and children, citing that they have been a real support system for him.

Jill Rhodes Hannity’s Divorce

As we see most times with men and women under the spotlight, they tend to one way or the other get drawn into the quagmire that is divorce. For Jill and Sean, they have not been exempted from it as well. Rumors are rife that a divorce is in the offing. Sean Hannity himself caused a bit of a stir when in 2013, he admitted to a caller on his radio show that he did actually think about other women who were not his wife. He said at the time;

“You can’t help notice attractive people. And if you say you can, you are full of it”.

Classic. So since then, we have all waited to hear of the news of a divorce being filed but up until now, it has been quiet on that front

Jill Rhodes Hannity’s Kids

The union of Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes has been blessed with two children. The first a boy named Patrick Hannity who was born in 1999 and the second, a daughter Merri Kelly born in 2002. The family live happily together with both kids sharing a love for tennis

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