Jim Cornette Wife, Kids, Family, Divorce, Net Worth, Other Facts 

Jim Cornette Wife, Kids, Family, Divorce, Net Worth, Other Facts 

Jim Cornette is an American who made a name for himself in the ring as a professional wrestler, wrestling booker, and commentator, as well as of the ring as a podcaster among other things. Even though he only fought from time to time, he has almost always been around the sport, making a popular figure among lovers of wrestling. Here is all to know about him.

Jim Cornette Biography

Jim has his full name as James Mark Cornette and he was born on September 17, 1961, in Louisville, Kentucky where was raised by his parents Doug Cornette and Thelma Cornette.

While growing up, he had always loved wrestling that as soon as he became a teenager, he jumped in, working in wrestling arenas. He worked as many things including as a wrestling photographer, announcer, timekeeper, and did almost any job that would keep him close to the wring.

Growing in popularity as he continued to do other things including writing programs in arenas, he got an opportunity extended to him by Jerry Jarrett who was at the time a promoter, start out as a manager. From then on, Jim would get involved with wrestlers and wrestling events in the Smoky Mountain Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, and the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Apart from all these, Jim Cornette has also written a number of books including The Realest Guy in the Room: The Life and Times of Dan Severn which he collaborated with Ian Douglass. More so, he is also a podcaster as earlier stated.

Working under different names such as The Louisville Slugger, The Louisville Loudmouth, and Prince of Polyester, his career has seen him emerging Best Booker three times, Manager of the Year many times, Best Non-Wrestler in 2006, and getting inducted to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in the 1996 class all at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards. He has also won 2 Slammy Awards and was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Family, Wife, Divorce, And Kids

As regards his relationship and married life, Jim Cornette has a rather very interesting story. He has thus far been married twice in his life. The first woman he got married to is Janice Kelly Crowl. Having dated for some time, the two settled as man and wife on 16th February 1987. Unfortunately, they were not to last forever as by 1st June 2002, they had both walked their separate paths in a divorce.

Jim Cornette Wife, Kids, Family, Divorce, Net Worth, Other Facts 
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Following the failure of his marriage, the next woman that would become the wife of Cornette was Stacey Goff. Also known as Synn, Stacey who was born in 1977 worked as an independent wrestling manager. They dated for quite a long time before finally deciding to get married in 2007. More than 10 years down the line, the two are still together as a couple.

From his marriages, there is no public record that he has any kids. That noted, it is still not clear whether or not he has any child as there have been some rumors in the past claiming that he has illegitimate children. While denying the claim, Jim Cornette revealed he didn’t have even any legitimate child.

Net Worth

Cornette has been around the arena and in the ring, though only occasionally, for as long as many cannot even recall. Hence, it is rather easy to say that he has rightly paid his dues mostly in full in the showbiz and it will be only fair that he has something good to show for it. As easy as that, he has a net worth that has been estimated at over $5 million.

Jim has made his fortune majorly from his activities as a wrestling manager, commentator, and podcaster. He also makes some money from his books and other merchandise.

Other Facts About Jim Cornette

1. He was once accused of fathering a child, but as it turned out, the child was born 14 months after he had left the particular town where it happened.

2. He believes in the need for gun control in the US and thinks parents who teach their children to hunt need to be arrested for child abuse.

3. He has a good height and a bodyweight, measuring 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) and the weight 231 lbs (105 kg).

4. Jim Cornette has managed people such as Jeff Jarrett, Yokozuna, Dutch Mantel, Crusher Broomfield, Adam Pearce, and Hercules Hernandez.

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