Jimbo Fisher Bio, Contract Details & Salary, Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Divorced?

Jimbo Fisher was an American college football player who played as a quarterback between 1985 and 1988 before he switched over to becoming a college football coach. Presently the head coach of Texas A&M, he has worked with different teams in the past including Florida State, LSU, and Cincinnati. With more than 3 decades of coaching experience, Fisher has made some important accomplishments through his career. The following are more facts about his professional and personal life.

Jimbo Fisher Bio

More popular as Jimbo Fisher, he was born John James “Jimbo” Fisher Jr. on October 9, 1965, in Clarksburg, West Virginia. While his father, John James Fisher Sr worked in the coal mines for many years apart from having a farm, his mother Gloria Fisher was a school teacher for the most part of her life. His father died in 1994 after suffering from a lung disease following his work as a coal miner.

Jimbo who was brought up alongside a brother, Bryan Fisher started playing football since he was a child. One of the things that set him apart from most others was the toughness he brought to the sport which was an evidence of how he was brought up.

He had his education at the North View Junior High School and later moved to the Liberty High School. After he graduated, he moved to Salem College which is now known as Salem International University in West Virginia. While in college, he played for the school team as a quarterback. However, he later transferred to Samford University where he continued playing.

Having had a very good college career, he went on to play for the Chicago Bruisers of the Arena Football League in 1988. After his first season, Fisher decided to turn his interest towards coaching, hence he returned to Samford where he worked as a graduate assistant coach under Terry Bowden. In 1992, he left Samford for Auburn University, where Bowden took a coaching job. They worked together until 1998 when Terry resigned.

He spent 1999 at the University of Cincinnati where he worked as a quarterback coach and an offensive coordinator before moving to Louisiana State University where he would remain from 2000 to 2006. His work there helped in the development of players such as Rohan Davey and JaMarcus Russell.

The next move of Fisher was to Florida State where he was given a job in 2007 as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Two seasons later, he was named the head coach of the university team. He led the team to the BCS national championship in 2013, 3 ACC conference championships, and 4 bowl game victories among other records.

Contract Details and Salary

After spending seven years with Florida State, Jimbo moved to Texas A&M where he still remains. The most significant thing about the transfer is that he was given a contract of 10 years which is worth $75 million. According to him, the move to Texas was because of various things including the facilities and his connection with the athletic director of the college, Scott Woodward.

With the whole $75 million fully guaranteed, his contract is the richest guarantee that has ever been given to a college football coach. What this means is that he may spend the whole ten years with the college. This is because according to the deal, if he is ever fired, he will still have his complete pay and he can leave for nothing if he gets himself something better.

He is expected to take home an average salary of $7.5 million each year, based on the value of his contract. His base salary is $500,000 annually while his other income is $7 million.


Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Divorced?

Even though he has thus far enjoyed what many will describe as a successful coaching career, not too many would say the same about his marriage life. He got married to Candi Fisher, but after 22 years of being together, the union ended in a divorce in 2015.

Before the marriage came to an unfortunate end, Jimbo and Candi Fisher had two sons together, Trey and Ethan. Trey now plays football at the Tallahassee North Florida Christian School while Ethan is expected to go to College Station. He was born with a genetic disorder, Fanconi anemia which he manages.

Following his divorce from his wife, Jimbo Fisher has started a relationship and has gone public with his girlfriend, Courtney Harrison. While the two remain close, it still remains to be seen whether they would take the relationship any further.

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