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The phenomenal actress named Joan Staley was a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry in her prime. She was also a very sensational musician and skilled violin player from a tender age. Joan had a very fulfilling career in the entertainment industry and even though her heydays are way behind her, Staley is considered a living legend whose legacy would live on for generations to come. Here is a look at Staley’s illustrious career and life.

Joan Staley – Biography

This woman that is an embodiment of talent was born and partially raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 20th of May 1940. She was named Joan Lynette McConchie at birth.
Growing up with a mother that was a musician, Joan followed her mother to a concert at age three after which she asked for a violin. Little Joan got her request and soon began lessons with Karl Moldrem. Her talent was undeniable and she soon won a sit (first chair) in Peter Meremblum Junior Symphony. She then scored her first movie appearance starring as a child violinist alongside Joane Fontaine and Bing Crosby in “The Emperor Waltz.

Joan Staley would spend another period of her childhood in Los Angeles, California. She traveled a lot as a child due to the nature of her parent’s job. She schooled in Chicago, Washington DC, and Paris. Then, studied briefly at Chapman College before joining her parents in San Francisco.

Her other interest aside music was acting. She started getting small roles after she joined ‘The Little Theater.’ Staley featured in “Brigadoon,” “The Robe,” and “My Sister Eileen.” She then graduated to other small roles on live television like “Climax,” and “Playhouse 90,” among others. These small appearances opened up her acting career as she soon got her first major role in a film with “Perry Mason” (1958).

In the same 1958, Joan was approached by Lawrence Schiller (a photographer) to pose for ‘Playboy.’ They did a photo session together which was selected and used for the magazine’s November issue. She was also Playboy’s “Miss November” 1958.


Joan Staley’s parents were James McConchie (father) who worked as a minister of the gospel and Jean McConchie (mother) was a very talented musician playing the piano, violin, viola, and organ. They worked as African missionaries for a while before her father became a chaplain in the army. His work took them to different places.

Family – Spouse and Children

Joan married Chuck Staley (a TV director) in 1956. The couple met in France and moved to Memphis, Tennesse together due to Chuck’s work. They had their daughter (Sherrye Dee Staley) in 1959. Sadly, the marriage ended in 1960 and Joan moved on to concentrate on her music and acting career which flourished between the 1960s and ’70s.

Having learned from her first marriage, Joan’s second marriage was to Dale Sheets on the 14th of January 1967. He was 37 years and she was 26 years at this time. Dale is an executive with MCA and the couple together founded a talent management company “International Ventures Incorporated” in 1969.

Dale Sheets had 3 children (Linda, Vickie, and Patti) from a previous marriage and Joan had one. Joan and Dale then had 3 children (Stephanie, Greg, and Dina) together. The couple raised their 7 children together and already had 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren as at 2013. Joan Staley has lived a happy and balanced life and continues to be active in church and prison ministry.

Facts About Joan Staley

1. Joan was a Playboy magazine model and had a very ‘hot body’ during her prime. Her body measurements are 34-23-34 inches. She is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs about 54 kg.

2. Joan suffered from a horseback riding accident in 1966 which resulted in a severe back injury. This accident prompted her to stop acting in films and concentrated on television.

3. Joan Staley was honored by Hollywood Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists. She was one of the twelve actresses selected as 1962 “Deb Stars.”

4. Joan had a fruitful and interesting career while it lasted. Even though she has not been a part of the entertainment industry since the 1970s, she has been able to live comfortably on the resources she has made. While nothing has been confirmed, she is rumored to have a net worth of about $9 million.

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