Joanna Gleason – Husband, Children & Parents

Joanna Gleason – Husband, Children & Parents

As an actress, Joanna Gleason is probably most famous for her Broadway exploits. While she has fared well in the profession, the range of her talents is not limited thereof as she is an amazingly talented singer as well. Her talent in the world of entertainment can be described as hereditary; her entire family has at one time or the other commanded the attention of the public for their contributions to the industry.

Many questions have been asked about this Gleason, keep reading to find answers to the often-asked questions about the actress.

Who Is Joanna Gleason?

On the 2nd of June in the year 1950 and somewhere in Toronto, Canada, Joanna Hall was born; she is the first child in her family of five and has two younger siblings. Joanna is an older sister to Sharon Hall Kessler and Richard Hall, both of whom have worked in movies and television shows as well.

When Gleason was six, her family moved from Canada to America, settling down in New York. A few years later, they moved once more, this time to Los Angeles. It was in Los Angeles that Gleason went to high school. Beverly Hills High School was where she schooled, graduating in 1968. While there, her love for theatre flourished as she was taught by John Ingle who was a widely recognized actor. She made appearances in some of the school’s theatre productions.

Gleason then went on to UCLA before transferring to Occidental College, her time in the two citadels of learning was spent studying acting.

Acting Career

Joanna Gleason’s career as a professional actress started with her performance in the stage production of the musical Promises, Promises. She had two more appearances in different plays but it was not until 1977 that she had the chance to act in a Broadway play. She received vast recognition for her role in the play I love my Life and an award from the Theatre World Award.

The next time she was in a play was in the mid-80s. Before returning to Broadway, she appeared in a number of television shows and movies. Her career as an actress was greatly helped by the types of roles she got to play and how well she portrayed the characters. This stretched the limits of Joanna Gleason’s career in acting to beyond the stage. She appeared in a number of television shows which include; Let’s Make a Deal and Hello, Larry. She can also boast of having roles in a number of movies as well, some of which are Crimes and Misdemeanors, Boogie Nights, Temporarily Yours, and Hannah and Her Sisters. Upon her return to Broadway after a short time away, she was cast in Joe’s Egg, Social Security, and It’s Only a Play.  

For her works, especially in theatre, she has been nominated for a number of awards and has gone ahead to win some of them.

What Is Joanna Gleason Net Worth?

Joanna Gleason’s career in acting has lasted for over forty years, with her performing in a large number of movies; thanks to the immense talent she has. Gleason has made a name of herself in the world of Hollywood and Broadway. All of this matters partially if she was not earning money and from recent calculations, it appears that the estimated net worth of this acting gem is $10 million.

Joanna Gleason – Husband, Children & Parents
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Who Are Joanna Gleason’s Husband, Children, and Parents?

Gleason has been married three times, the first time was to Paul Gleason, who is an acting coach. After their divorce in 1982, she retained his surname and has since been referred to as such. They had one child together; Aaron Gleason. The next man she got married to is called Michael Bennahum, their marriage ended in divorce in 1990.

Four years after, she met her current husband, Chris Sarandon. He is an actor and the two met while working on the Broadway musical, Nick and Nora. They tied the knot in 1994 and have remained married. Sarandon has three children from a previous marriage and together with Joanna’s only child, they have four children between them.

Joanna Gleason’s parents were also big wigs in Hollywood, her father was Monty Hall, who is known for the shows he hosted and for his humanitarian endeavor. Her mother Marilyn Hall directed and wrote television shows, they both lost their lives in 2017.

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