Joe Jo Bio, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Age, Girlfriend and Other Facts

In the world we live in today, being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t depend on the school you attended or what you studied, it doesn’t also depend on the race you belong to, what really matters is why we do what we do, for what purpose, how it could affect people’s lives positively. This was what Joe Jo saw and was able to make good use of. He saw a way of unifying the Asian-American community through comedy videos, and he has so far achieved success in this bid. Jo has now gained recognition not only at the Asian-American community level but in the world, as well.

Joe Jo’s Biography, Age, Ethnicity

Born as Joseph Masato Jitsukawa on April 13, 1985, in California, Joe Jo as he is widely known is an online practitioner, comedian, entrepreneur, actor, and YouTube personality. He is also a writer, director, and co-founder of the YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms.

Joe Jo’s parents are both Japanese, who moved down to California to further pursue their interest in classical music, owing to the fact that classical music was not appreciated well enough back in their home country.

Joe Jo was born in California which makes him an American by birth. His ethnicity is Japanese while his nationality is American.

A Japanese-American, born and raised in California, in the United States by Japanese parents, Joe studied psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. He loves to travel and has had the opportunity to go to places like Texas, Michigan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Australia, and his native country Japan.

Joe Jo got the motivation of being an entrepreneur after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich dad Poor dad. He got inspired to start up a business for himself. He was able to set up an e-Bay business where he sold car parts and did several kinds of jobs like shipping goods before he ventured into logistics. While at school, Joe’s main aim in college wasn’t to earn a degree, he wanted to be around people of his age bracket rather than being surrounded by old people at home. After his graduation from college, he applied for several jobs but all his applications were futile.

Joe Jo met Bart Kwan at a mixed martial arts gym. Kwan is a Taiwan-American, from the same Asian-American community as Joe Jo. The pair decided to make comedy videos on YouTube with the initial aim of desegregating the Asian-American community, to help people of the community relate well with one another irrespective of their different parent countries and languages.

On August 18, 2007, JustKiddingFilms was created with the initial aim of unifying the Asian-American community through making funny videos but today, the YouTube channel has gone viral and beyond its initial aim to become more of a comedy business platform and a full-time job for the co-founders. The pair also has other related channels like JustKiddingNews, JustKiddingGamers, and JustKiddingParty. Initially, their fan base was made up of Asians who could relate to their videos but today, they have gained recognition from fans all over the globe. Their YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms has subscribers of over a 1.6million.

Joe Jo also has his personal YouTube channel and he has over 500,000 subscribers, he has over 600 videos on his channel. His videos get an average of 50,000 views per video. His YouTube channel name is Joe Jitsukawa.

Net Worth

Joverdose, as he is nicknamed, has several YouTube channels both co-owned and personal, and has over 4 million subscribers on all of these channels combined. From his earnings so far, he is rumored to have an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Joe Jo Girlfriend

Joe Jo is currently dating Jessica Caldwell, a film producer, and author. The couple met in 2015. Just after they started dating, Jessica joined JustKiddingFilms as a producer.

Jessica is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Business administration before earning herself a Master’s degree in Accounting at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

Other Facts

Both Joe Jo and Bart Kwan went to UCLA to become doctors but today, both are YouTube personalities.

Joe Jo’s real name is Joseph Masato Jitsukawa.

Joe Jo currently resides in California.

JustKiddingFilms was created to promote unity among the Asian-American community.

Joe Jo’s birth sign is Aries.

Joe Jo is engaged to film producer Jessica Caldwell.

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