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Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator, actor, martial arts expert, television, and podcast host.

Joe Rogan Wife & Kids/Family

Rogan is married to a certain Jessica whose identity has been subject to much speculation, being that she lives her life in the shadows and her uber-secretive husband Joe, isn’t any better. The couple got married in 2009. Their marriage came a year after Jessica had given birth to the couple’s first daughter whose name has been concealed from public knowledge. In 2010, they welcomed a second daughter.

Rogan is always very tight-lipped when it comes to revealing details about his family. However, in a 2017 episode of his podcast, he talked about raising his kids, revealing that he has a child who is 20 years old, which we guess isn’t from Jessica.

Joe and his family have been spotted a couple of times having a family time out together.

Some sources claim that Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica is Jessica the daughter of late ace comedian Robert Schimmel. The claim is linked to another speculation that her maiden name is Jessica Schimmel. However, Jessica Schimmel is a TV producer while the only information ever revealed about Rogan’s Jessica is that she was a former cocktail waitress.

Sometime in 2017, fans of Joe Rogan began following a certain Jessica Rogan on Instagram thinking it was Joe’s wife, however, the owner of the Instagram account later revealed that she was someone else. Thus, the real identity of Joe Rogan’s wife remains a mystery to the public.

Joe Rogan Wiki

Joe Rogan was born Joseph James Rogan on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. When he was 5 years old, his parents divorced. Two years later at the age of 7, his family relocated to San Francisco, California and later Gainesville, Florida.

Rogan spent much of his adolescent years in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, where he attended Newton South High School. He developed a passion for martial arts at a very early age, and in high school, he began entering taekwondo karate and kickboxing competitions. Rogan had wished to go pro in martial arts but his dreams were truncated by several injuries especially chronic headaches.

After his martial arts dreams failed, Rogan with much prodding from friends decided to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

“I didn’t have a direction until I became a stand-up comedian. I was pretty nervous about my future. I couldn’t imagine myself working a 9-to-5 job,” Rogan once said of his career.

As an upcoming comedian, Rogan bolstered is income by working construction jobs, delivering newspaper, and a couple of other menial jobs. However, his knowledge of martial arts didn’t go to waste as he began teaching students at Boston University.

Seeking greener pastures as a comedian, Rogan moved to New York in 1990 and then Los Angeles in 1994. His big break as a comedian came in 1995 as one of the regular cast on NBC sitcom NewsRadio.

Joe’s love for martial arts then pulled him to the UFC where he started as a backstage post-fight interviewer in 1997. His debut comedy album “I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday…” was released in 2000. Perhaps the biggest break of his show business career was when he landed the gig as host of NBC’s Fear Factor which largely increased his fan base while bringing him widespread exposure.

Joe Rogan Net Worth, House

Rogan has posed a greatly successful career. The same year he got his Fear Factor hosting gig, his friend Dana White who had become the president of the UFC gave him a job as a color commentator. In 2003, these two gigs were able to buy Rogan a house worth $2.2 million.

Rogan also bolstered his UFC earnings by performing stand-up shows in the cities where UFC fights were held. He launched his Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2009 and today, it is one of the most popular. He reportedly makes an average of $100,000 per episode of the podcast. Rogan’s net worth is estimated at over $25 million.

Joe Rogan Instagram, Height, Tattoo

Rogan is very active on Instagram where he posts mostly about work. Avoiding posting about his personal life as much as he can

Many tattoo lovers admire the huge tattoo he has on his sleeves.

Height: 1.73 m