Joel Courtney – Bio, Age, Height, Siblings, Parents, Acting Career

It is generally believed that people become anything they put their minds on and that is the case of Joel Courtney, who did not let go of his acting dreams irrespective of the setbacks he faced. The young actor was actually asked to come back for his debut role 11 time but it was worth the effort as his first role as Joe Lamb in the 2011 film, Super 8, earned him wide recognition. His path to a successful acting career was set and over the years, Joel has graced the silver screen portraying diverse characters. Let’s have a sneak peek into his bio and get to know his family siblings as well as details of his career in the following paragraphs.

Joel Courtney’s Bio (Age)

Joel Courtney was born on the 31st of August, 1996, in the city of Monterey, California but his family moved to Moscow, Idaho. He had gone to school in Idaho but we are yet to confirm the name of his high school. Moreso, there is no information about the young actor enrolling into any college so far but in the main time, it is known that he spends most of his time on his acting career as he desires to attain great heights in that field.

His Acting Career

The young actor is one of the few who are known to have made it big from the first film they starred in. Joel’s first film in 2011 titled Super 8 also marked his debut as a lead actor. His character, Joe Lamb captured the hearts of many film lovers and not too long after that, the offers started rolling in for more movie roles. He was seen the next year in Spare Time Killers as Young Tony and in the sitcom Rogue, he depicted the character, Griffins Jones.

Joel Courtney landed his second lead role in the 2014 film, Mercy as Buddy Bruckner and that same year, he was cast in Sins of Our Youth as David as well as playing his third lead role of Tom Sawyer in the film Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. In 2015 he was part of the main cast in the TV series, The Messengers and in the subsequent years, the young actor has taken on diverse roles in films as well as sitcoms.

His recent appearances include The Kissing Booth, Replicate, the 2019 series, Double Dare in which he was seen as a contestant, The Empty Man and The Kissing Booth 2.

Joel Courtney’s Parents & Siblings

The rising actor’s parents have been identified as Dale Courtney his father, and Carla Courtney his mother. Sources have it that both his parents are teachers but other than that fact, there is no information about them. We, however, know that Joel Courtney has two brothers named Caleb and Josh as well as a sister called Chantelle.

It is also interesting to note that Joel not the only talented actor in his family as his brother, Caleb Courtney is also an aspiring actor who has been featured in films like, I am Zozo, Sol and The River Thief. 

Is Joel Courtney Married?

Joel Courtney is not married but it is known that he was in a romantic relationship with the American actress, Katherine McNamara in 2012. However, the duo called it quits and in 2014, Joel hooked up with, who also happens to be an actress.

The actor has been frugal with information about his current relationships and not much can be said about Joel’s dalliance with Isabelle. Many are wondering whether the duo has parted ways secretly, but they are yet to shed any light on that issue.


Joel Courtney has a gallantly well-built body frame as he stands at a height estimated to be 6 feet 0 inches. His weight is about 72 kg and he has notable dark brown hair which complements his dark brown eyes.

Other Facts About The Actor

Joel Courtney has gathered a large fan base as he currently records more than 3 million followers on Instagram in addition to thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The actor is known to have mastered the skill of swimming right from his childhood days.

He enjoys playing basketball, lacrosse as well as running during his leisure time.

Joel has been named for numerous awards and he is notable for winning the Saturn Awards for Best Performance of a Young Actor in 2012.

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