John Daub Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Must Know

John Daub is a travel writer, multimedia producer, and YouTuber who has gained widespread acclaim for his travel video series and exploits which he regularly shares via his channel and social media pages. He has been living in Japan since 1998 when he moved there from the United States and has since dedicated himself completely to travel around the world and introducing exciting destinations to his fans and followers.

His YouTube channel, Only in Japan, is full of diverse content ranging from interesting cultures to locations, food, hangout spots, and loads of information about the places he visits. John has quickly become a favorite of the travel-loving crowd who consider him to be an excellent tour guide because of how much experiences and nuggets he packs into his videos.

The best thing about John Daub’s style of travel and vlogging is how it steps away from the elitist, luxury travel showcases that only a few people can ever really afford. He chooses instead to tour the world according to his means, cutting costs and living on a budget while still getting an authentic and fulfilling travel experience. The locations he has visited and all the knowledge he has picked up along the way make him a very prized vlogger as many companies have either employed him to help some aspect of their business or leveraged on his popularity to market their products and services.

John Daub’s Biography

John Daub has crossed continents, never staying one place for too long except Japan which serves as his base. The content creator has built an impressive portfolio for himself, digital and otherwise. This has afforded him plenty of opportunities for the future should he ever decide to take a different career approach. Already, John has accumulated more adventures in the last two decades than most people manage in several lifetimes and the YouTuber has no intention of giving up his wandering ways anytime soon.

John Daub was born in New Jersey in the United States on January 1, 1974. His mother’s name is Demi Daub and he has two younger brothers. There is very little information available regarding his father, but the YouTuber stated in an interview that his father was a tanker pilot. After graduating from high school, he headed to Ohio State University where he studied Economics and English. He had a curious mind and nursed the desire to explore the world beyond what was available in his hometown so he set out to do just that.

Europe was the first stop on what would become a lifelong journey. He traveled around the continent using a Eurail Pass that was valid for 45 days. After he returned, he decided to go to Bangalore because he found out from the Internet that there was an abundance of IT-related opportunities for anyone applying from there. Armed with one month’s ticket and an introduction, John Daub set out for his new life without any idea of what the future held. He moved to Japan in 1998 and was able to find work as an English Language teacher, tutoring people of all ages and levels including toddlers. Although he still returns to the United States, he has not spent more than three months on any of his visits.

The travel enthusiast also began sharing his travel adventures on YouTube and quickly gained subscribers by their thousands. His videos have racked up millions of views and his influence and popularity keep growing by the day. John Daub has lived in 16 different cities in Japan, visited all the 47 prefectures, and has hitched all the way from Wakkanai, Hokkaido to Kagoshima. He has vlogged about all of these places and experiences on his channel. He considers himself to be a citizen of the world and is perfectly content to make a home in any country.

5 Interesting Facts You Must Know

1. He visited Darjeeling when he traveled to India just so he could drink the tea which the area is famous for.

2. John Daub has climbed all the way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro carrying, amongst his travel supplies, a can of coffee to drink in celebration at the summit. The coffee was frozen by the time he got there so he and the other six climbers warmed it up between their legs until it melted enough for them all to take a sip.

3. He has hitchhiked across the area that is now known as the former Yugoslavia, where the people were so closed off to the rest of the world that they had banks that didn’t know what a $20 dollar bill looked like.

4. The YouTuber has held different kinds of jobs on his travels. He worked as a web designer for a hotel in China, a scuba diving instructor in Thailand, an ice-shaver at Bondi Beach in Sydney, and a business consultant in Romania.

5. His favorite places to visit in Japan are ramen shops, gardens, or tatami rooms.

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