John Wall Bio, Injury and Career Stats, Height, Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend or Wife

John Wall Bio, Injury and Career Stats, Height, Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend or Wife

For many, reaching the summit of their professional career is going to be an elusive dream. For John Wall, he lives at the summit. When you have been named an NBA All-Star five times, the summit is no longer just a dream, it is your way of life. John Wall is a name familiar to those who are fans of the NBA, however, if you aren’t, here are a few important tidbits about the Washington Wizards superstar.

John Wall Biography

Professional Basketball player, John Wall was born on September 6, 1990. He had an extremely difficult childhood which makes his adult success a whole lot more impressive. From losing his father to liver cancer shortly after he left prison when he was eight to watching his mother grapple with raising him and his two sisters, working multiple jobs, childhood was difficult for John Wall and it wasn’t a surprise that for a phase in his childhood days, he was a violent and disobedient young boy. Thankfully, it did not last for long.

John Wall’s escape from the tragedies of his childhood was going to be basketball. Having had to switch schools for various reasons, including his attitudinal issues, John Wall found his place at the Word of God Christian Academy. With the help of Coach Levi Beckwith, John Wall began to grow into a man that would one day be an NBA All-Star. Talent has never been John Wall’s problem. In high school, he was a regular best performer for his team, earning several accolades along the way. When it was time for college, John Wall was ranked one of the best talents in the country in the 2009 Recruiting class.

With a talent like his, some of the best college basketball schools desired John Wall on their roster. They included Duke University, the University of Kentucky, Georgia Tech, and the University of Kansas. John Wall indeed had his pick of schools and he went with the University of Kentucky, committing to the school on May 19, 2009. Even though he was suspended for his first game at Kentucky, John was never fazed and he led the team in his first action for Kentucky, scoring an impressive 27 points with 9 assists in just 28 minutes of game time. Wall’s time at the University of Kentucky was great for him and Kentucky. He was inducted into the University’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 2017.

In 2010, the road to five NBA All-Stars began for John Wall. He declared himself eligible for the 2010 NBA Draft and was promptly selected as the first overall pick by the Washington Wizards to the surprise of no one. Wall has played for the Wizards ever since. Not something common among super talents like him.

In the first season of his professional career, he was named an NBA All-Rookie First Team player and fell just short of Blake Griffin in being named Rookie of the Year. John Wall made his first All-Star team in his fourth season with the Wizards. In the same season, he took the Wizards to their first playoffs in six years.

This John, who many in the NBA consider one of the fastest players in the league, kept delivering a string of exceptional performances over the course of his career at the Wizards. Finishing each season, breaking one record after the other, he became a regular for monthly and seasonal accolades and made the Wizards regulars at the postseason playoffs. In 2017, he signed a four-year contract extension with the Wizards. It is worth $170 million.

John Wall Bio, Injury and Career Stats, Height, Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend or Wife
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Injury and Career Stats

Having spent ten years in the league and being one of its best players, getting targeted is a part of the course for John Wall and some of those have led to injuries for the North Carolina-born point guard.

Over his career, John Wall has suffered nine injuries in 10 years with the Wizards, missing over 40 games with at least 4 major surgeries. When he’s fit, however, Wall has logged an impressive career record. His record in eight seasons for the Wizards stands at 541 games with 529 starts, a points average of 18.9 per game with rebounds and assists of 4.4 and 9.2 per game respectively. At the playoffs, in four seasons, he’s managed 37 games, starting all of them, with a return of 21.9 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 9.8 assists per game.

Salary and Net Worth

John Wall is believed to have a net worth of $22 million. The Washington Wizard superstar who is also signed to a few sponsorship deals recently signed a four-year, $170 million contract extension and is projected to earn an annual salary of $19 million.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Married?

John Wall is not in a committed relationship and from all indications, he’s not expecting to be in any soon. The man has openly acknowledged his reluctance to be in a faithful relationship and there are no confirmed rumors about his relationships. We do however know that he is committed to his family; living with his mother and siblings in his $4.9 million home in Potomac.

John Wall Height

John Wall has been acknowledged to be one of the fastest players in the NBA, a trait that comes with his 6 feet 4 inches height, a weight of 210 lb (95 kg), and a wingspan of 6 feet 9.25 inches.

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