Johnny Depp’s Teeth And House

You know you have wondered about it once or twice, chances are that if you have seen the actors smile up close, it got you wondering about what really happened to Johnny Depp’s teeth. Johnny was known for his subtle good looks and his general boy-next-door look, but that has gone to the gutters recently.

We have no doubt in our hearts when we say that the main culprit is Johnny Depp’s teeth, so we might as well check them out.

Johnny Depp’s Teeth

In recent times, it’s become more noticeable that reality has began to mimic fantasy in this actor’s life. We aren’t only talking Johnny Depp’s teeth, but his general demeanor. We know that Captain Jack Sparrow is utterly delightful, but it seems that Johnny likes the Disney character a little too much.

During the premiere of his latest blockbuster Black Mass, in London, the 52 year old actor looked quite different from the Johnny we all knew. He wore his stained and blackened teeth as if it was the most natural thing to do on earth. In addition to being stained his teeth were crooked, yellow and full of metal fillings.

Just like that, there went our dreams of making out with Johnny Depp. The look alarmed so many people and some of Johnny’s follower’s took to Twitter to express their shock. Here is what a few people said.

‘Why do Johnny Depp’s teeth look like Captain Jack Sparrow’s teeth in real life though? I mean sh*t, all that money and no dentist visits?’

‘Johnny Depp is kinda gross and creepy now. The hobo clothes, bad teeth, dyed hair, PDA with young wife… Ew. #harshlightofday.’

‘What is up with Johnny Depp’s teeth? Sexiest man alive? Nope.’

Well, this really saddens us, don’t let yourself go Johnny… don’t do it. With his kind of money, the damage is definitely irreversible, we just hope he can take a hint… even though it’s more like direct insults.

Johnny Depp’s House

He’s Johnny Depp guys, he has a net worth of $400 million, so though his teeth are messed up you best believe that his living arrangements are not. The star lives lavishly in an Eastern Columbia Building, in Downton LA that comprises of five adjacent penthouses. Get this, he kept each penthouse largely separate and lived in them like rooms in a home.

Following the event of his divorce with Amber Heard, Depp put his stunning five house penthouse on the market, so if you are in the market for a $13 million house, then this is for you, if you aren’t, window shopping never hurt anyone. As we mentioned earlier, its a penthouse comprising of five houses, Johnny connected three of them through a doorway while two were left separate.

The star used one as studio and the other as a guest suite. Johnny is a graceful home owner and is willing to sell the units separately or all together, so bear that in mind. OK, let’s move on to the contents of the actual house. The house had a church on the site, but it was converted into a guest house and it’s confession box was converted into a wardrobe.

In addition to that, The Sun let us in on the fact that the house also features a very modern stainless steel kitchen, a lounge with large leather sofas, lots of dark wooden floors, two swimming pools, a gym, a skate park, a restaurant with a professional kitchen, a launderette and a garage.

In every nook and cranny of the house, Johnny’s distinct sense of style and decor is noticeable, it’s time to take a peek beginning with the bedroom. We just caught a glance of one of the bedrooms, it has a rather feminine feel with it’s pale purple curtains and a large orange throw covered in a bright floral design.

You can’t deny that it has a kind of ‘gypsy’ feel to it. Then comes our dream kitchen, with all the floor space you could ask for and the stainless steel almost blends with the pale blue walls.

The dining area has a casual touch to it, with a large dining table and and high chairs to compliment it.

The living area is a very wide space and has a lot of large brown leather sofas and it’s just one of many other living areas.

Last but not least people, we are going to check out the actual bathroom that Johnny Depp uses, talk about pooping in style.

That’s all we have on the star’s living quarters… for now.