Jon Eicholtz – Bio, Net Worth & Facts About Barbara Eden’s Husband

Jon Eicholtz – Bio, Net Worth & Facts About Barbara Eden’s Husband

Jon Eicholtz is an American real estate developer and investor, architectural engineer, and philanthropist who became even more famous when he married one of the most popular actresses of that time, Barbara Eden. Jon has led the design teams of many iconic buildings all over the world, and his architectural works have been both breathtaking and splendid. Though he has tried as much as possible to keep certain information about himself private – like his first marriage, he has been a very loving husband to his wife, and their marriage is well over 28 years old. The couple believes in giving back to society and has instituted a philanthropic gesture that will help to finance the education of deserving students, who choose to pursue their educational passion and interests.

Jon Eicholtz Early Life

Jon Eicholtz was born in Topeka, Kansas in the United States of America in a year that he has never disclosed, but some are speculating it to be 1938/1939 – which if true would make him 7 years younger than his current wife. He was named Jon Truesdale Eicholtz at birth. Eicholtz has never disclosed any information about his parents – who they were or what they did. He has also never mentioned or shared any information about his siblings – if he has any.

Jon was educated at the prestigious Kansas University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1962, majoring in Architectural Engineering. He has been involved in the construction and real estate industry for more than 50 years now, and his professional career has seen him traverse the entire United States’ landscape, designing many architectural masterpieces, managing building project construction not only in the United States but in different parts of the world as well.

Jon Eicholtz was the Project Manager during the design and construction of the Commerce Tower – which is a 30-story skyscraper and one of the most iconic buildings in Kansas City and the Missouri area.

Details of Jon Eicholtz Net Worth

Jon Eicholtz has been involved in the design and construction of the real estate industry for more than 50 years now and has been heavily involved in the construction of several iconic buildings and both residential and commercial developments around the world. He has over time amassed a net worth of between $10 million to $20 million.

Interesting Facts About Barbara Eden’s Husband

Though Jon Eicholtz has chosen to keep some information about his past very private, there are still a few more interesting facts to know about him…

Jon Eicholtz – Bio, Net Worth & Facts About Barbara Eden’s Husband
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Marriage, Children, and Family

Sometime in 1998, Jon Eicholtz met a very beautiful lady known as Barbara Eden – a popular singer, dancer, and actress. They began dating shortly after meeting each other, with Barbara a little bit slow to warm up to him, based on a few unpleasant experiences that she had in the past. The pair dated for about two years before eventually getting married on January 5, 1991, at the Grace Cathedral Church in San Francisco. Only family members and a few friends were invited to their wedding ceremony, as the couple decided to have a very “quiet” wedding.

The couple has been through a lot together but has been happily and blissfully married for over 28 years and their marriage seems to be getting better every day. The couple has not had any children together since they got married.

Prior to marrying Barbara, Jon Eicholtz was reported to have been in a marriage but for reasons best known to him, he has decided not to share details about the marriage with the public. It is not even known whether his first union produced any children. Barbara, on the other hand, had been in 2 unsuccessful marriages prior to getting married to Jon. Her first husband, Michael Ansara was a brilliant actor whom she met on a blind date and fell madly in love with; they were married for about 17 years before they divorced; she had a son with Michael in 1965 and they named him Mathew Ansara.

Barbara also had a second child for Michael but it was a stillbirth, and she got depressed from that incident and attributed it as one of the reasons why her marriage to her first husband ended abruptly. Mathew Ansara sadly died in 2001 due to drug overdose in California; his father Michael also died in 2013 due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease. Barbara then got married for the second time in 1977 to Charles Fegert, but unfortunately, the married was dissolved in 1982 as Charles moved with a wrong crowd that turned him into a drug abuser, a habit that led him to assault Barbara.

Charity Work

Jon Eicholtz and Barbara established a scholarship program at Kansas University in 2014 when they were invited by the Chancellor of the university for a visit to the campus. They donated $300,000 to the University for the program, and it would provide full-cost undergraduate scholarships for students who intend to become professional actors at the university.