Jordan Beckham – Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Family and Net Worth

Jordan Beckham – Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Family and Net Worth

Jordan Beckham is a social media star who has found fame through various online content sharing platforms such as and Instagram. She gained widespread attention after she began sharing videos of herself lip-syncing to popular songs from R&B to rap and sometimes pop hits. Her flair for performance made her instantly liked amongst the viewers on these platforms as they began following her accounts so they could watch more of her videos whenever she dropped them. Jordan continued to update her pages regularly, dropping new content constantly so as to maintain and continue growing her reach.

Eventually, she expanded her brand from just posting lip-sync videos into other aspects such as fashion and beauty. Incorporating beauty and fashion tips into her content helped to grow her following even more. Although she is still a teenager, she has a better fashion sense than most people and as a result, many of her followers trust her opinions and wardrobe decisions. Jordan has over 100,000 followers on her social media pages and she seems to be gaining more and more with every passing day.

Jordan Beckham Bio (Age)

Jordan Beckham was born on April 19, 2004, in Jacksonville Florida. She had a normal childhood and an upbringing that allowed her to express herself in healthy and assuring ways, which is why she is so confident, bold, and full of character for her age. She is a student at Oceanway Middle School, located in her hometown. Jordan’s love for the arts was what drew her to sign up on, where she could explore her creative abilities and share them with the world in a convenient way.

She began making live broadcasts, as well as uploading videos of herself doing a number of things including lip-syncing and dancing, and quickly became one of the most popular users on the app. Thousands of people flocked to her page to view the content she was putting out. Her fame continued to grow even after the platform changed its name to TikTok, however, she then decided to take her creativity to other apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. Jordan Beckham started to garner tons of followers on these apps as well. She then cut down the number of lip-sync videos she uploads and focused mainly on posting pictures of herself in various outfits.

The social media star also has a YouTube channel, although she is yet to begin uploading videos on the platform. Perhaps, she is still trying to figure out how best to go about using the channel so as to get the most use out of it. However, she already has plenty of attention to bank on whenever she decides to make a move. There have been some speculations that Jordan might pivot into modeling or other opportunities in the entertainment industry as soon as she completes her high school education or attains the legal working age. In the meantime, Jordan is still giving her followers what they want by regularly sharing pictures from her life on her page, so they can live vicariously.

Her Net Worth

A lot of people have been wondering just how rich Jordan Beckham is. She seems to be living very comfortably and can afford a lot of expensive things that most of her peers can only dream of. Her successful career on social media has brought her a lot of fame and has opened to door to a number of well-paying opportunities. She is estimated to have a net worth of $400,000. This figure is expected to rise as her career advances.

Jordan Beckham – Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Family and Net Worth
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Jordan Beckham Parents and Family

Moving on to her personal life, specifically her parents and family, Jordan has kept mum about this aspect of her life. She rarely ever talks explicitly about her parents or other family members and whenever she posts pictures of them, she avoids mentioning their real names. Jordan was raised by her parents alongside her older brother, Cole in Florida, but the family recently relocated to Huntington, California. They spend their free time lounging on the beach and enjoying each other’s company.

Height – How Tall Is She?

Jordan Beckham is still in her growing years, which means that she might end up being taller than she is now. The beautiful social media celebrity is 5 feet 2 inches tall, which is well a little below average height, but who would bother about not being too tall when they are famous and having a fine life?

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