Joseph Frontiera – Biography, Family, Facts About The Counting Cars Star

Old and used cars have no intrinsic value on their own, but when Joseph Frontiera and his team of Counting Cars stars lay their hands on such a car, it will be brought back to life almost like a brand new automobile. However, this description for Joseph might no longer appear apt as he is no more with this team of mechanics. He was accused by his employers of diverting company funds to cover personal expenses and thereafter, the relationship between them went sour.

That is the nose dive his career took but is certainly not all there is to him. Find out more below.

Joseph Frontiera – Biography

The Counting Cars star was born on the 1st of July in the year 1988 in the United States of America. He is, therefore, an American by nationality and also belongs to the white ethnic group. There has been no insight into who his parents are, what they did, and whether or not he has siblings. In the same vein, Joseph Frontiera’s educational profile remains largely undocumented or at best is only known by him.

He grew to become famous as a car mechanic working on the history network show Counting Cars with the likes of Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, Mike Henry, and Roli Szabo. Joseph began working with the company in June 2013 and had the time of his life while there. The show is the 3rd spinoff of and is primarily filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The other spinoffs are American Restoration and Cajun Pawn Stars. Both shows chronicle the restoration, remodeling, and customization of old automobiles by each show’s team.

The Counting Cars show is filmed at Count’s Kustoms, an automobile restoration and customization company owned and operated by in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show has had guest appearances made by celebrities like Cassandra Peterson, Austin “Chumlee” Russell of Pawn Stars, , Ziggy Marley, and many others.

The career troubles of Joseph Frontiera became public knowledge on March 22, 2016, when Count’s Kustoms accused him of spending the company’s money in excess of $75,000 for his personal use. They claimed he used the money to fund the purchase of his personal Land Rover Range Rover as well as to procure airline tickets all for personal use. According to the lawsuit filed against him, Frontiera was accused of having signature stamps of his bosses and Kevin Mack made for his personal and unofficial use which of course they didn’t consent to. He purportedly used these signature stamps for stamping cheques in their absence.

The company submitted that they found out that something was wrong with their account after they began noticing some irregularities in accounting as well as some of the clients’ accounts and projects. As a result of this, they conducted a background check and its findings revealed that Joseph Frontiera had a criminal record of embezzlement and fraud with a past employer in Florida.

Joseph Frontiera also failed to pay the company’s tax on time which made the IRS fine him a penalty of $18,000 as the lawsuit claims. Records from the Las Vegas Justice Court showed that he was charged in September 2017 and fined $3,500 in felony theft for a crime that happened in August 2013.

In the complaint filed by Count’s Kustoms, they accused Randstad Professionals, a Delaware-based hiring firm that referred Frontiera for referring him for a job where he would be in charge of a company’s finances despite knowing he had a history of fraud and embezzlement when he was in a similar position previously. The attorneys representing Randstad counter-sued Count’s on the grounds that their allegations lack facts and in addition their contract “expressly prohibited” the custom vehicle shop from putting Joseph Frontiera in a position to handle the company’s finances whether in cash or by cheque. Similarly, the accused attorney counter-sued Count’s Kustoms in court on the grounds that their claims against the defendant lacked factual support.


Just as there is no detail concerning the whereabouts and names of his parents and siblings it is also not known if the star is married, single or in a relationship with any lady. All the while Joseph Frontiera was with Counting Cars, no mention was made about his having a wife or a girlfriend, neither was there any hint that he has a child or children.

Quick Facts About The Counting Cars Star

  • Day/Date of Birth – Friday 1st July 1988
  • Zodiac Sign – Cancer
  • Country of Birth – the United States of America
  • Nationality – American
  • Ethnicity – White American
  • Profession – Mechanic and TV personality
  • Famous for – Counting Cars TV show

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