Josh Leyva – Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Facts About The Film Actor

Josh Leyva grew up with the natural penchant for acting and the dream of starring in high-profile movies in Hollywood. But while he was still in his younger age, he fell in love with online content creation and started making videos for public consumption on YouTube. Even though Leyva is fun to be with any time he is online, it was his captivating short videos, challenges, and comedic sketches that rocketed to stardom.

Like most of his contemporaries, the YouTuber’s fame and success have since surpassed YouTube, as he has grown to become a notable face on the screen, having starred in many productions in the industry. Here are all the deets about Josh, including lesser-known facts about the actor and YouTuber.

Josh Leyva: Biography, Age

As hinted earlier, Leyva plies his trade in two of the world’s biggest platforms – Hollywood and YouTube. On both fields, he’s proved his worth and plans to even attain greater heights and do greater exploits in the nearest future.

Leyva is a native of Compton, California, where he was welcomed into the world on 27th December 1990. Though professionally known as Josh Leyva, his birth name is Jovanny Leyva.

Despite being a fast-rising actor and online sensation, the YouTuber hasn’t really spoken much about his family history which makes it difficult to give accurate information about who his parents are, their place of residence, what they do for a living, and what his childhood looked like. However, on several occasions, he has featured his mother in his videos but he’s yet to introduce his dad to his fans.

Josh was raised up with Mark, his younger brother who is also making waves in his field of interest. Currently, the actor cum YouTuber has two flourishing channels on YouTube. He launched his first channel (YoMuscleBoii) sometime around 2012. The platform currently boasts over two million subscribers as well as millions of views.

YouMuscleBoii is dedicated to his comedy contents while his second channel, yojoshyboii (which he later changed to Josh Levya Vlogs), basically features question-answer videos, story times and his travel diaries. It was launched in the year 2013 and has more than 200 subscribers.


At the moment, Leyva is not in an open relationship with any girl. Nonetheless, the California-born native has been in previous relationships with women. His last known girlfriend is none other than popular American dancer, actress, and choreographer Olivia Irene Gonzales who goes by the professional name, Chachi Gonzales. Born on 23rd January 1996, she hails from Houston, Texas and has been in the spotlight since 2011.

Josh and Chachi’s relationship fell apart in the year 2017 after dating for three years. While the pair came up with their side of their breakup story, most people believe the vlogger separated from his girlfriend of three years because of his growing relationship with , a popular American transgender model, makeup artist, and YouTuber.

Like Olivia, Nikita has appeared in a couple of Josh’s videos. However, none of them has really come out to confirm or deny the allegation that they are just more than friends.

One of the daughters of American parents David L. Gonzales (father) and Guadalupe Gonzales (mother), Olivia has since moved on after quitting her relationship with Josh Leyva. The beautiful and talented dancer got engaged to Jukka Hildén, a Finnish actor and stunt performer and a member of the stunt group Dudesons in the month of August 2018.

More Facts About The Film Actor

1. The film actor is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 79 kilograms.

2. The first language the actor learned to speak is Spanish.

3. The YouTuber, in one of his comedy sketch videos, imitated and it was well appreciated by his fans. Malik is best known as a former member of the popular English boyband, One Direction.

4. He is the co-writer and director of Gaylo Returns, a 2017 comedy miniseries.

5. Leyva is not a big fan of scary films. He hates them so much.

6. He doesn’t like going to McDonald’s because he frowns at food joints that serve a large bucket of chicken nuggets with only a few packets of barbeque sauce.

7. His net worth is estimated to be around $350,000.

8. The actor cum vlogger’s all-time favorite foods are peanuts and pizza, according to him.

9. Josh Levya also hates the grape soda drink.

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