Joshua Hong – Biography, Age, Family, Facts About The American Singer

Joshua Hong is among the myriad of singers who started the journey to musical success in a church choir. Raised in a Christian home, Hong attended church regularly and when he realized he has something more to offer, he became a member of the Praise Team, using the platform to minister to the congregation who praised his uplifting voice.

Fresh out of high school, Hong started gunning for a professional career in music. He joined Pledis Entertainment to learn the ropes and a little more than two years later, he found a spot in one of the popular and biggest boy bands in South Korea.

Joshua Hong’s Biography (Age)

Though his ancestral roots can be traced to South Korea, the singer was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, on December 30, 1995. Named Joshua Jisoo Hong after his birth, he grew up as an only child and attended Grover Cleveland High School located in New York before moving over to Los Angeles where he completed his education at Downtown Magnets High School.

At this point in his life, Joshua Hong had already discovered that music is his strong suit. He sang in the church choir and from there, he discovered his burning passion for music. This inspired his next move after high school. Powered by the compliments he received from people who liked his voice when he was a chorister, Hong went after his passion by enrolling for training at Pledis Entertainment. When his two years and two months training at the South Korean entertainment company came to an end, his prowess earned him a place among the members of the SK boy band known as Seventeen which is also managed by the entertainment company that trained him.

Meanwhile, he didn’t just get his place in Seventeen handed to him on a platter, he worked hard to get there. Pledis aided him in landing an audition for the band but his performance did the magic. The outcome of the audition is available on YouTube. The Seoul-based band has dropped several acclaimed hits and albums with several awards to further prove their efficiency. Some of their albums include Teen, Age (2017), Love & Letter (2016), and Director’s Cut (2018).

Before fame, Joshua Hong teamed up with his friends in school to form a band and performed covers of popular songs. The acoustic version of the song Because of You by After School remains among his top song covers. He has also joined forces with rapper Kisum to work on a solo project named You and I.

His Family

Joshua Hong has no siblings who he shared his childhood with. His parents whose names are not known raised him as their only child. Although nothing is known about them, his parents must have been a strong support system for him and he touts them as his role models. His folks made sure he got everything he needed to build his career and they would be proud of the star he has grown into.

On a personal basis, Hong has not introduced anyone as his girlfriend yet. He is still on the lookout for the right person to share his world with him.

Other Facts About Joshua Hong

1. He speaks both English and Korean fluently.

2. Ironically, the singer is very shy and makes any possible effort to stay away from media scrutiny, even though his career puts him under the spotlight.

3. Irrespective of his reservations about his personal life, more than two million fans follow him on Instagram, keeping track of his every move.

4. Apparently, singing is not his only forte as Joshua has so many other skills up his sleeves. He loves and is good at playing the guitar, composing songs, and of course, dancing.

5. Joshua Hong stands above average in height. He measures 1.77 m and weighs a balanced 65 kg.

6. He is a fan of EXO, a Seoul-based boy band created in 2011.

7. Joshua Hong has a lot of favorite singers and most of them are Americans. He admires the works of musical stars like , , , as well as the 2BiC duo – Jihwan Junhyung

8. Among his hobbies include reading, cooking, watching movies (mostly horror and anime). He would grab a book first before a movie and likes to read fairytales.

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