Joss Fong is an American journalist of Asian descent. Here is all you need to know about her.

Joss Fong Bio/Wiki (Age)

Joss Fong was born on the 22nd of May 1988. She is a journalist, who graduated from the New York University’s Science, Health, and environmental reporting program. Upon her graduation, she worked as an energy editor at the Media Matters for America. She is currently a journalist and works as a senior Editorial Producer at Vox.


Whenever we come across a beautiful journalist what springs to mind is if she is dating or if she is seeing anyone. It is usually a huge source of importance the marital status of any man or woman regardless of their career and the fans of Joss Fong want to know if she is single or not. Fong we all know is a very successful journalist who is very active in her professional career but still maintains a healthy social media image on various social media networks. But most people do not know who actually Fong is in a relationship with.

She is a New York-based journalist and as mentioned earlier is a New York University graduate. Even though she has worked as an editor for various other renowned Media Matters, she is also well known as the senior editorial producer for  Vox owned by Vox media. Now the question will be who wouldn’t want such a successful woman in their life. But disappointingly enough to her own fans there is reportedly no one in her life at the moment. And am sure for the life of me that will be virtually impossible to believe but Fong doesn’t appear to have anyone in her life at the moment as a boyfriend.

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And also, strangely enough, there has not been any traces of previous affairs or relationships of the very talented journalist. However, it is possible she has had very low-key relationships which she chooses to keep in the dark and not bring it to the limelight and away from her adoring public and her fans. Fong is very active on social media and most especially on Instagram and on Twitter and she is very proactive once it comes to documenting her day-to-day activities on Instagram.

She has been spotted on numerous occasions being very close to two children on her Twitter account who strangely enough has a striking resemblance with the journalist but it has been confirmed that they do not belong to her. Then why the resemblance, one may wonder. The kids belong to her sister and obviously, Fong has only grown very attached to them. We can imagine she makes a good aunty.

When you put the bond Fong shares with these children into perspective it is a definite indication that she will become a very good mother someday in the future. And even though she isn’t a mother presently, she is the owner of a cat named Karl. It is very obvious that the cat is being really over-pampered by Fong. We say that strictly on the basis of Fong’s Instagram posts and she definitely never passes up the opportunity to show off her furry adorable little pet cat.

Regardless of her success as a journalist, she still is a long way off the top of her profession as a journalist. And she also seems to be ready to give everything she has got to reach the top. Could it be the reason she is staying away from relationships at the moment? Well, guess we’ll just wait to see how things unfold in the romantic department for Fong.

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Like earlier stated, Fong graduated from the New York University of Science, and health and environmental reporting program. Shortly after a brief internship program, she dedicated herself to work as an energy editor at Media Matters for America. Fong is currently a successful journalist and is working as a Senior Editorial Producer at VOX in Washington D.C Metro area. She assumed the position in June 2014.

Other Facts To Know About Joss Fong

She previously resided in Brooklyn, New York City before moving to Washington DC.

Though she is barely starting out. Her Twitter account has been verified with a little over 18 k followers.