Julia Chow Bio, Boyfriend and Facts To Know About The YouTube Star

Julia Chow is a Cantonese-American who is one of the crew members of the Just Kidding Films (JKF) channel. She is the producer and is mostly responsible for reading the articles and providing a summary for the rest of the members. Julia is credited with being instrumental in the growth of the channel to over 1.6 million subscribers.

Just Kidding Films was founded by two like-minded individuals, Bert Kwan and Joe Jo. The duo takes a refreshing and revolutionary approach to comedy and founded their channel on the principle of promoting cultural unity using comedy as the vessel.

The channel deal with social, contemporary, and cultural issues. Today, the Just Kidding Films family tends to strike a remarkable balance between stimulating and entertaining their audience.

In addition, the cast and crew create skits and work on materials that mirror Asian-American culture, and American norms, in a comedic way though, using satire as their tool. Beyond that, they cover odd news from time to time just as they play and rate games.

Julia Chow Bio

Julia was born on March 26, 1990, in California. Her sun sign is Aries. She is the youngest in a family of five. Julia’s artistic ability was one her parents discovered in her from a very young age. She had the ability to use her hand to create something that she envisioned. Interesting, huh? They helped her to hone her drawing abilities by enrolling her in classes where she began to explore the possibilities that lie in the art world. She made use of paints, pencils, crayons to push her thoughts out.

Prior to her being a part of Just Kidding Films, she used to watch their videos. Of course, their posts are too interesting for one to view them and not want more. The first video she watched was the Korean History Channel. However, she got her link to the family through one of the members, Tommy Trinh, although he left in March 2016 to pursue Formula Arts. Before they met, she had seen some of their skits and had this thought that if she ever bumps into the JKF family, she would ask if they want interns.

Then she met Tommy. After she introduced herself as a huge fan, Julia went ahead to ask if there is a space for interns in JKF because she would want to work with them. She worked as an intern and as she got integrated into the company, she eventually became one of the crews. The accomplishment she felt on finally getting to work in a company she loves and doing what she has so much passion for, is better imagined.

She has also worked in some other films including Why the Holidays Ruin Friendship (2017), Star Wars: DIY Cosplay (2015).

Julia Chow’s Boyfriend

As earlier mentioned, Julia Chow got to become a member of the JKF family through her chance meeting with Tommy Trinh. Anyways, the duo began dating but split in 2015. Tommy is known for his work on Star Wars: DIY Cosplay (2015), Broken Rings (2018) and Gun Fu (2014).

He was born on January 30, 1989, in Torrance California and, is half-Vietnamese and half-Chinese. However, he grew up in a Japanese community. He is currently a cinematographer affiliated with Formula Arts. Tommy, like Julia, became interested in the arts from a young age with a special interest in photography and films since he was 5.

He studied business marketing and advertising at CSULB (California State University, Long Beach) where he worked for Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions. Timmy joined Just Kidding Films in 2011 after he graduated from college but left in 2016.

Facts To Know About The YouTube Star

1. Julia Chow is a sketch comedian and a former JKNews Host Merchandise.

2. Her full name is Julia Nelly Chow. Nelly is her dad’s ex-girlfriend’s name and he likes the name so she was named so.

3. Her nicknames include Jules, Julie, Juju, Hoolia, J-Money (given to her by Joe Jo), Hoolietta, and J-Chow.

4. She is allergic to cooked spinach and mosquito bites.

5. Julia used to sport long hair but cut it very short in 2016. Guess what? She looks gorgeous either way.

6. She has a personal Instagram account, xblueapplez, where she leads more than 300,000 followers.

7. Her fans view her as smart, funny, cute, awesome, and kind of awkward.

8. She does not believe in love at first sight but believes in soul mates.

9. She is typically the quietest member of the group and sometimes trips over her words.

10. If there is one thing she would like to change about herself if she could, it would be to stop being awful around people.

11. Julia Chow is often regarded as The Chick of the JKF group.

12. While she was growing up, she described her dad as easygoing and her mom as strict. Typical family setting you would say. Her mom would tell her how much she needs to have a sound education and be smart while her dad would be like, do whatever you have a passion for. And she is surely doing what she has a great passion for.

13. Julia Chow enjoys helping others and it makes her really happy when she sees people happy.

14. She opted for animation production because she wanted to be the bridge between the audience and the big guys (cast and crews).

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