Julia Gilas – Biography, Net Worth, Facts About The Fitness Model

Julia Gilas – Biography, Net Worth, Facts About The Fitness Model

The desire to leave her home country and travel around the world started burning in Julia Gilas from a younger age. According to her, the unbearable cold in her country, lack of basic services, and the internet were some of the reasons she wanted to leave for greener pastures in developed parts of the world.

At age 14, Gilas enrolled at a modeling school and eventually left her home at the age of 16 to pursue the dream she cherished so much. In the course of her journey to greatness, she has visited many European countries and has also taken part in several shows and competitions. Today, she holds the record as one of the finest fitness models to watch out in the industry.

Julia Gilas’ Biography

The fitness model was born in a lower-class family on the 15th of December 1984. Gilas was originally born in Ukraine before migrating to the United States of America in 2010 to launch her modeling career. Even though Julia didn’t experience a great level of comfort during her childhood due to her background, she had fun playing on the streets with her friends and riding her bicycle.

Information about her family history and parents is not open to public scrutiny and it appears she is not in a hurry to comment about these aspects of her personal life. Julia Gilas, according to sources, has a beautiful sister called Halen. She was educated in her hometown but disliked school because she had more interest in the fashion industry.

Julia Gilas began traveling across Europe after she left Ukraine at the age of 16. She would take part in several competitive fashion shows and even posed for photoshoots until 2010 when she finally made up her mind to move to the U.S to hone her modeling skills.

The model began documenting her modeling and fitness activities online after she created accounts on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The fitness sensation has more than 4 million followers on her Instagram account while her Facebook page has been liked by more than 2 million people. On YouTube, her channel boasts of 4 thousand subscribers while her Twitter account has raked in more than 9 thousand followers.

Julia Gilas – Biography, Net Worth, Facts About The Fitness Model
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What Is Julia Gilas’ Net Worth?

As a fitness coach, Julia Gilas trains a lot of people personally and collectively. Her website features several training packages she offers, a move that places extra cash on her table apart from the money she makes from brand endorsements and other stints.

According to reports, the Ukrainian-American model has a personal hair extension company that has been in operation for many years. Julia has also been linked to a London-based watch manufacturing company called Lord Timepieces; the firm is her sponsor, according to sources.

The fitness model, no doubt, makes a substantial income from her financial sources but the exact amount she makes annually from her business and the value of her assets are not available for public consumption.

Facts About The Fitness Model

1. Julia Gilas fluently speaks her native language and English. She learned how to speak the latter in the course of her travel across Europe.

2. The fitness model formally became a citizen of the United States of America in 2013.

3. Unlike most models, Gilas leads a very healthy life marked by proper diet and exercise which in turn has helped her to keep her figure toned and lean. The fitness model eats foods that come from sources like complex carbs, lean meats, healthy fats like avocados.

4. As regards her training routine, the model does full body and cardio workout on Mondays, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and cardio on Tuesdays, Legs and cardio on Wednesdays, Abs and Cardio on Thursdays and then Glutes and cardio on Saturdays. Julia Gilas usually takes a break from training on Fridays and Sundays.

5. She currently lives in San Diego, California with her pets – a Himalayan cat named Tazo, a long-haired Chihuahua named Tyson, and a pet squirrel.

6. It is not known if she is single, dating, or in a marital relationship with a man. This part of her personal life has not made it to the limelight.

7. On her body statistics, Julia Gilas is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in around 52.2 – 56.7 kilograms. Her bust and hips sizes are 32 and 38 inches respectively.