Julianne Kissinger – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About The Model And Instagram Star

Julianne Kissinger – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About The Model And Instagram Star

You might know her better as Juli Annee, Juli.Annee, or perhaps Juli.Anne, but prior to her over-the-top popularity, Julianne Kissinger was once an ordinary single mother who battled with the challenges of having to raise her child all by herself. This went on for a while until she discovered that her richly endowed body is actually a gold mine.

At first, her social media accounts were used to share regular mother-daughter pictures but when it hit Julianne Kissinger that she could leverage on her beautiful body features to make a fortune online, she started sharing risque photos of herself. As expected, her followers grew in leaps and bounds, thanks to her drool-worthy titillating lingerie and semi-nude pictures that kind of leave nothing to the imagination.

The journey that began on Instagram in 2013 as a mere pastime has since turned into an empire and solid career for the Instagram sensation. She now has millions of internet users keeping up with her just to get a glimpse of her latest sizzling shot.

Julianne Kissinger’s Bio

The Instagram model was born on October 9, 1992, in Stockton, California, the United States of America. Her family has both German and Portuguese origins but asides from that, nothing more is known about the people that make up her family. Her childhood memories have not made it to the public domain as well but it is apparent she studied at Palomar College located in California.

Interestingly, Julianne Kissinger was just a teenager at the time she brought forth her daughter whose father is missing from the picture. She struggled to raise her as a single parent and was once an employee at a yogurt shop as a manager. She later became an active user of Instagram in February 2013 and would often post pictures of her daughter. One of the initial pictures she shared on the platform depicts Julianne lifting her little daughter in the air. In 2014, she also shared a picture from the time she was pregnant and many more shots of her daughter. Admittedly, the Instagram handle was for personal use at the time but along the line, Kissinger saw an opportunity to earn from the gold mine that is the internet.

Upon coming to the realization that she has more to offer, Julianne Kissinger started posting raunchy pictures, gaining more followers until she became a total sensation. Her first bikini shot was uploaded in January 2015 to the welcoming arms of fans. Her popularity has only been on an upsurge since then with thousands of comments and likes pilling up on her posts.

Julianne Kissinger has also widened her horizon to include Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets. Her Twitter handle became active in November 2017 and she posts regularly on it as well. To the delight of her slew of fans who are obsessed with her natural endowments, Julianne created a website where they can obtain her exclusive content. The contents are available on missjulianne.me at a price of $20 per month.

Her Net Worth

Julianne Kissinger may have struggled to make ends meet in the past but that aspect of her life has since been blown away by the wind of success she obtained on the internet. Though there is no accurate estimate of her net worth at this time, it is believed to be in millions, considering her popularity on different social media platforms.

Other Facts To Know About Julianne Kissinger

  • Single motherhood

She gave birth to her daughter named Kyli at the age of 19 and has remained taciturn about the father of her child. Asides the fact that he currently lives in Palms Springs, Kyli’s father has remained a mystery and is not contributing to her upbringing.

  • Career achievements

Her popularity has also gone beyond Instagram as in May 2016, Sports Illustrated gave her the title of the Lovely Lady of the Day. Maxim and Total Frat Move have also featured her on their pages.

  • Social media following

On Instagram, she has accumulated more than 5 million followers and the number is bound to increase if she keeps posting mouth-watering pictures of her unclad body. She also has over 33.7k followers on Twitter and more than 246,932 people following her Facebook page.

  • Body features

This female eye candy is all shades of hot, so much that words cannot be enough to describe her. Her height is somewhere around 5′ 5” but her weight is not known. However, her body curves are well represented, complete with a perfectly toned and chiseled body. Her hair color is brown, likewise her eyes.

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