Julianne Phillips Biography, Net Worth, Children and Other Facts

Julianne Phillips was faring well as a model before she was thrust into major limelight for being The Boss’ (Bruce Springsteen) wife. When her marriage to the super-popular American musician collapsed after a few years it kicked off, Phillips became even more popular, gathering abundant admiration for her acting roles.

Prominent among them is her portrayal of Frankie on Sisters, an NBC drama series that ran from 1991 to 1994. Among her various acting roles, you will find her as Molly in 1989’s romantic sex comedy film, Skin Deep; as Jessica Weaver on ABC’s 1997 tv movie, Tidal Wave: No Escape and as Victoria Tucker in 1996’s comedy-drama film, Big Bully.

Julianne Phillips Biography

Julianne marks her birth anniversary every 6th of May as she was born on that date in 1960. If you check her records, you will find that her place of birth was in Chicago, Illinois. Whilst the star was born in Chicago, it was in Oregon’s city, Lake Oswego that she was raised alongside her five siblings; among them, she’s the last.

You will equally find that Julianne’s parents, William and Ann Phillips brought up their kids in the Catholic faith. This is probably why they were reluctant to support their last child’s desire to forge a career in the modeling industry.

Little Julianne who would later pursue her dream career was a student at Lake Oswego High School. She attended Brooks College when she was done with high school.

Net Worth, How Rich Is She? 

Being an actress and a model, Julianne Phillips like most celebrities accumulated bountiful wealth for herself in her heydays, such expected to last for a very long time. While the American is not expected to go broke in her lifetime, she has continued to earn from her endeavors in showbiz and the entertainment industry. Despite the fact that she hasn’t been active since 1997, opportunities to make some decent earnings do come to her from time to time.

For instance, she was 2001 invited for an interview for the biographical documentary series, Intimate Portrait. Several years later (in 2014) she was brought together with fellow stars of Sisters to feature on a special edition issue of  Entertainment Weekly.  

Although the way Julianne’s marriage to the legendary rock star ended was unfortunate, it greatly increased her wealth. The rock star handed her $20 million as compensation. For this reason, you will find the Julianne-Bruce marriage which lasted for only four years been listed on several platforms as one of the most expensive celebrity divorce settlements the world has ever seen.

In view of the above, one can understand why it has circulated that the value of Julianne’s wealth is $30 million. While we wouldn’t dismiss this figure quoted as her net worth as false, it is imperative to stress that it is only an estimate of how rich she is and may not accurately reflect the total value of her wealth.

Her Children

It is true that Julianne comes from a family of six children where she’s the youngest. Again, it is true that her marriage with Bruce Springsteen didn’t produce any child. However, it has often been assumed or thought that Julianne has children – this is probably because of her age. Well, to the best of our knowledge, the actress has no child of her own.

While her ex-husband hastily moved on with Patti Scialfa and became the father of her three children (Evan, Jesse, and Sam Springsteen), Julianne has remained unmarried. Nonetheless, it is common knowledge that she had romantic affairs with a handful of other popular figures, none of the relationships produced a child for her.

Other Facts About Julianne Phillips

1. She once earned as much as $2,000 per day

Irrespective of Julianne’s parents’ unwillingness to support her dreams of being a model and building a career in showbiz, she relocated to Manhattan to pursue her passion. It is said that things were quite rough for her in the beginning. But eventually, she found her ground in the business of modeling. Working with Elite Modelling Agency, Julianne fame soared and landed her deals with a good number of popular modeling outlets. At some point, she earned as much as $2,000 a day.

2. Her marriage to Bruce Springsteen failed because she loved him

This is according to her ex-husband who detailed in his memoir that his marriage to Julianne didn’t last because she loved him and he couldn’t stand it.

According to The Boss, it dawned on him after he got married to Julianne that he wasn’t ready to have a serious relationship and, that the real love of his life was his bandmate, Patti Sciafla.

After Bruce started having an affair with Patti while married to Julianne, the latter filed for divorce in August 1988 and the marriage got officially separated in March 1989.

3. She’s 8 in taller than 5 ft

For those who have always wondered how tall Phillips is, here’s your treat, the actress is 5ft 8in (1.73 m) tall. Other details of her body measurements are yet to be confirmed.

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