Justin Bieber’s Gay Vibes, Abs And Haircut

Justin Drew Bieber, one of America’s finest singers and songwriters, has made headlines a number of times not only because of his superior talent but also because of his style and flamboyance. At the age of 21, he looks healthy, handsome, and strong. Many people from both genders find his body extremely attractive. Not surprisingly, he seems to attract so many women evidenced by the number he has already dated in the short time he graduated into adulthood.

Inasmuch as he has shown that he is in fact straight, some rumors about him being gay have been making the rounds and stalking him like a shadow for quite some time now. The question many are asking is whether these allegations actually have a basis. You will soon find out why people think Mr. Bieber is gay. You will also find out more about his physical characteristics and preferred haircuts.

Is Justin Bieber Gay?

In the world of the internet and social media, information spreads like bush fire. Allegations that Bieber could be gay began in June 2015 when a video in which he was seen kissing another man was shared online. He actually posted a photo of him planting a kiss on the cheek of his bodyguard on Instagram. For many people, a man capable of kissing another man is definitely homosexual. But is the information accurate?

The fact that Bieber uploaded the photo himself indicated to people that he was blatantly clear on his sexual affiliation. In a quick rejoinder, however, the flamboyant celebrity assured his ‘worried’ fans that he was not homosexual. He went ahead and posted that it was not an insult even if he was actually gay. This is not the only time such controversy has raised against the young popstar. Sometime in 2014, a photo surfaced of a man planting a deep kiss on a Bieber look-alike sporting the same signature haircut, glasses, and back-turned face cap, but it turned out to be a zealous fan who loves copying everything the star does. Nevertheless, anything is possible and we will always keep a watchful eye on his relationships.

One thing we can be sure of is that he has a very active romantic life with an ever-growing list of gorgeous girlfriends. The girl he has related to longest is Selena Gomez although the relationship was always on and off. It is believable that some (if not all) of the girls he was rumored to date or he actually dated had sexual relationships with them.

Justin Bieber Abs

Before he officially uploaded a shirtless photo of himself, many people wondered what his abs would look like. Today, handsome men are considered to have six (or eight) pack abs and they tend to command more respect than their counterparts without such endowment. Celebrities would do anything in their power to achieve such physique.

If you ask me, the superstar has not attained the kind of abs you would expect to be unwittingly ripped and sexy. He still has a long way to go. He will have to train with weights, eat right, and do quality cardio workouts to be more ripped. You can be sure he is already working on it and that is why he was comfortable lifting his shirt. I bet he understands that to enter the modeling career and beat the competition, he must get better abs.

Justine Bieber’s Haircuts

The popular entertainer has wonderful hair that he styles prettily according to his own wishes. He has been knowing to have signature styles that change from time to time. He has a stylist who does a great job to ensure he looks his good at all times. In most cases, you will see the young pop star with a Short straight casual haircut or a short straight formal haircut with slight variations in between. He looks super hot and sexy on those hairstyles.

The singer was born with blond hair. As a child, he always had blond hair except when he died it dark blond. On September 10, 2015, he surprised his fans when he debuted a bleached hairdo. Fans had mixed reactions to the new developments but many were obviously happy with what they saw. The superstar has is known to have no problem changing his hair color, cuts, and style. More can be expected in the future and he gets to know himself better.

To beliebers who think the fan can do no wrong, the hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous, but to some other fans, it’s just plain ridiculous. Despite the rumors that Bieber is gay, the fact on the ground is that he is straight and still longing after his long-lost love Selena who seems to have moved on. However, he is still a young man and anything is possible. But on the brighter side, celebrities don’t fail us when it comes to romantic rendezvous and we are patiently waiting for Selena to have mercy on him and come calling.

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