Justin Jedlica (Human Ken Doll) Biography, Who is The Husband?

Justin Jedlica is without a doubt, one of the most unique persons you will ever come across or learn about their lives and what made them popular. Kendal is a man who became popular for having a routine penchant for stuffing plastic implants inside his body. It is a case of extreme body modification via plastic surgeries to look like his idol; Ken Doll. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve this feat and remarkably, it made him popular in return. Find out more about him here and what his motivation has been all this while.

Biography of Justin Jedlica (Human Ken Doll)

The human Ken Doll was born on the 11th day of August 1980 to parents of Slovak descent in a lower-income household in Poughkeepsie, New York. He is the eldest of four children of his devout Roman Catholic faith parents raised up in Fishkill, New York, and Cary, North Carolina. His birth name was given as Justin William Jedlica while he prefers to go by Justin Jedlica.

The celebrity studied at Apex High School and it was here he discovered his talent and penchant for visual and performing arts. He considers himself today a real-life visual artwork. Furthermore; being from a low-income household, he was thrilled by the glamour and beauty of celebrities he watched on television shows and saw pictures of in magazines. Justin wished his family could be as wealthy as those he idolized because he opined they all looked perfect like they had plastic surgeries.

However, the harsh realities of his poor background made him cognizant of the impossibility of such wishful thinking, he nonetheless took solace in the hopes of improving his look when he could afford it and legally becomes an adult. Also, famous people like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Andy Warhol were of interest to him and helped shape his personal views on beauty, lifestyle, and fame.

Journey To Body Modification

Before the human Ken doll graduated from high school, he was already nursing the ambition of improving his looks, particularly he had begun an intensive search for a plastic surgeon who would improve his nose. The young lad was 17 at this time and as you can imagine, his parents strongly opposed this idea and as such, the best he could do was to wait till he became an adult legally.

Four days after his eighteenth birthday in the year 1997, he climbed his first surgery/operating table for his first cosmetic/plastic surgery which was to give him a nose job, chest, biceps, and triceps implants. The outcome of this convinced Justin Jedlica that indeed, it was possible to improve his looks and identify with the physically flawless celebrities he only saw as a kid only on television and in magazines. Today, he appears on TV and is featured in magazines.

He felt more and more complete physically and emotionally with his steadily improving facial and body contours. Reports have it that he has had about 340 cosmetic procedures which have cost the celebrity over $400, 000. The body works he has done include chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps implants, rhinoplasty, brow shaving and lifts, subpectoral, calf, and thigh implants, gluteoplasty, cheek and lip augmentations.

There seems to be no stopping to his body modification as the gains and benefits inherent thereof seem to outweigh the criticisms he gets from a few people. Just to tell you how much further he is willing to go on his path of extreme body modification; the human Ken doll designed four pieces of back implants that were made to give him an illusion of wings and had them inserted into his back by surgeons. It is not known currently if he plans to append flying wings to them. However, having come this far, it won’t be surprising to see him do that.

In case you are wondering what really gives him money and all that. On his website justinjedlica.com, he prides himself as a self-taught plastic surgery expert, who keeps up with the latest innovations in the industry and is a pioneer and aesthetic innovator himself. He counts as his qualification, the ability to give advice to people desirous of improving their body; the myriad of cosmetic makeovers he has done and feels he is in the best position to recommend the best specialist that will deliver a good job to clients. In addition to this, Justin Jedlica consults with clients and designs bespoke implants for them that will fit their anatomy or artistic desires.

Who Is The Husband?

There is no rumor about the question of his sexuality. Justin Jedlica is a known gay man who was previously married to a wealthy businessman he had dated for 5 years. The couple got married in 2014 but called it quits in 2016.

The identity of his ex-husband has not been revealed, but when they were together, they resided mostly in the Trump Towers and he was quite supportive of the human Ken doll’s extreme body modifications. Justin revealed he made him know that his plastic surgeries turned him on but later admitted that it was the reason for his leaving him.

A heartbroken Justin Jedlica decided to spend his life with real-life barbie doll Pixxe Fox who also had a relationship break up due to her surgery obsession.

However, it appears that his acquaintance with Miss Pixxe was only temporary as he appeared on the show Millionaire Matchmaker sometime later in 2016 with hopes that Patti Stagner, the show host would help him find love.

He has not been as successful in this regard as he has been with his surgeries. The host of the show after engaging him in conversations and setting up a blind date for him noted that he spends a whole lot of time talking about his implants with his date, thereby making the whole meeting about himself and not for the two love seekers. To this, he has been working on improving on it and we do wish him well.

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