Justin Prentice – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Is He Gay?

Justin Prentice – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Is He Gay?

It is not so easy to play the character of a rapist in a movie, even if it’s just a role especially when it is against all you stand for. However, Justin Prentice took the role up as a challenge when it came his way in the TV series 13 Reasons Why has been a victim of bullying himself. And as funny as it may sound there are some people in the movie industry who are not so comfortable watching their own movie, and Justin is just one out of them.

This wouldn’t be such a surprise as the actor is such a perfectionist and would not want to see something and wished he had done it another way that would have made it better. He puts in lots of effort in doing what he does especially in his role as Bryce Walker in the above-mentioned TV show, especially since the theme of the film was something he was passionate about and needed it to hit the mark it was expected to.

Justin Prentice’s Bio, Age

Justin Prentice was born on March 25, 1994, in Nashville, Tennessee, He is an American actor and director. He was bullied while growing up and he was able to overcome it with the help of his parents. He loves sports especially basketball which he played while in high school.

He started his career in 2010 when he played the character of Ryan Krouse in the television series Criminal Minds. That same year, he was also featured in Mellissa and Joey and The Middle. He played the role of Dirty Jack in the movie Terri (2011) and made appearances in Nickelodeon’s Victorious and iCarly. He was also in some episodes of NCIS and the American musical series Glee. He voiced the Nickelodeon animated series The Legend of Korra in 2013. His other films and series are; Suburgatory (2011), Awkward (2016), Sex, Death, and Bowling (2015) Those Who Can’t (2016), Preacher (2017), and so many others.

He became really popular when he acted as Bryce Walker in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why starting in 2017. He played the villain who raped the character of Jessica and Hannah Baker the female lead character in the film, which pushed her to commit suicide. His impressive delivery on the script was motivated by his passion as an advocate against the vice – rape. And having been a victim of bullying at a young age himself, and he wanted society to look into it and know that these things still happen and something needs to be done about it.

Justin Prentice – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Is He Gay?
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In real life, Justin Prentice says he is nothing like Bryce Walker and even had to see a psychiatrist before he could play the role, as he needed to know what could be going on in the mind of a rapist. Contrary to the character he played, this young man is actually an emotional person, as he shed tears while reading a letter by a teenager who was a victim of sexual assault.


Justin has kept his family life as private as possible, nothing much is known about his family other than the fact he was raised by his parents in a cabin where he goes fishing and also hunts. We also know that he is from a really supportive family because he always went to his mother when he was bullied and she was there to tell him what to do in order to overcome it which helped him to go through those experiences.

Is Justin Prentice Gay? Girlfriend

Justin Prentice is in a relationship with Canadian actress and model Annika Pampel. She attended Bayreuth University where she read Theatre History and Directing before getting a Fulbright scholarship to continue her education at Indiana University. She went to Savannah College of Art and Design where she obtained her master’s in Film Directing.

They have been together for a while and were always seen together attending events, and they flaunt their relationship all over social media. He was given a surprise birthday party by his girlfriend on March 25, 2018, which was attended by friends and colleagues. With the way things are going with these two, we are looking forward to good news probably an engagement in the near future. And they are working on a movie together, which they would direct themselves.

All we know about his relationship and personal love life is his relationship with his girlfriend Annika Pampel. There has been no substantiated information as regarding any with anyone of the same sex and so it is right to say this actor is not gay, and any rumor saying otherwise isn’t true, unless he says something to the contrary later on.