Kacey Montoya’s Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Measurements, Husband

Kacey Montoya’s Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Measurements, Husband

Journalism is the field to be in these days, not only do we have some very attractive people in the field, but they are highly skilled and professional individuals who are making the world go round. She is a force to reckon with and as such, it is quite amazing that we are going to be looking into the topic of Kacey Montoya’s Wiki, age, bio, height, measurements her husband. Believe us when we say that this topic will prove to be both educative and entertaining, so without further ado, let us take a delve into the topic of Kacey Montoya’s wiki.

Kacey Montoya’s Wiki/Age/Bio

Kacy Montoya’s wiki would be grossly incomplete if we do not start by saying that she was born on June 24, 1981, in Orange County, but she spent most of her life in Dallas. Judging by her date of birth, the media personality is currently 36 years old and will be turning 37 years old later on this month. This is quite commendable, seeing as Kacey still looks like she is enjoying her 20’s. Someone is definitely taking care of her body as a whole. The media personality has seven siblings, all from her mother and father.

Kacey Montoya’s Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Measurements, Husband

On the completion of her high school education, Montoya went on to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism at California State University, Northridge. She must have studied really hard and accomplished quite a lot while she was at school and as a result, she landed some pretty good gigs once she was done with school. In 2013, she was recruited by KTLA, but this was after she spent more than 6 years at the CBS affiliate KOIN-TV.

In addition to that, she spent over three years at the CBS affiliate in Palm Spring, California, and a year at WOAY-TV in Oak Hill. We told you that she scored some pretty good gigs. She is quite accomplished in the field and has been recognized for her program on positive free speech at CSUN. This must-have paved the way for her to be taken on as an intern at the Los Angeles-based CNN in the entertainment news department.

Kacey Montoya’s Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Measurements, Husband

Judging by her numerous achievements and feats, it is quite obvious that she is packing in the big bucks. The media personality has a net worth of approximately $600 thousand dollars and in addition to that, she has a steady salary that includes thousands of dollars. She is definitely doing quite well for herself and though she has not made it clear where we are pretty sure that she has invested in some very profitable business ventures.

Kacey Montoya’s Height/Measurements

Most well-known people these days tend to keep a whole lot of information about themselves under key and lock. We cannot blame them, seeing as the spotlight has the ability to consume a person especially when there is a lot of information about them available to the general public. In the case of her measurements, Kacey has kept them on the down-low. Despite this, her height is no secret, so we do not come empty-handed.

The media personality stands at the average American female height of 5 feet 5 inches and she wears it quite well if we may say so ourselves.

Kacey Montoya’s Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Measurements, Husband

Kacey Montoya Husband

This is one of the things that she cannot hide, the media personality is currently a happily married woman. So, for those of you that were wondering, she is clearly off the market. Montoya married her longtime boyfriend, Matt Brode. It is only poetic that he is also in the media business as a renowned weather expert and also a television presenter. The two have been seeing each other since late 2008.

It must have been going really well because they got hitched 4 years later in 2012. The couple is quite famous as a pair and they seem to be very much in love with each other. On that note, we can rule out the option of divorce anytime soon. Though there are rumors about her being pregnant, there have been no accompanying confirmations to that claim. If it turns out that she is pregnant though, that will be their first child. That is all we have on the topic of Kacey Montoya’s Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Measurements, Husband.