Who Is Kaceytron, Is She a Troll, What happened To Her?

Kaceytron is part of the increasing number of females in the online gaming industry. She has been streaming since March 2013 on the popular online gaming platform Twitch. Kaceytron definitely has enough to entertain her viewers in terms of interaction, wit, and humor. Besides the nerdy look that her ever-present spectacles give her, the most noticeable physical attribute about the gamer is that she likes to show cleavage on her streams. This had earned her the nickname “the titty streamer”, a name she has embraced over the years. Little wonder her twitch account is indicated to be for only mature audiences.

Perhaps, this is unapologetically who she is or maybe it’s just a ploy to get people to stay on her channel, ultimately growing her following. One thing is for sure though, Kaceytron can be summarised in three words: bespectacled, entertaining, and brash.

Who Is Kaceytron? Is she a troll?

Before her stream achieved its level of infamy, Kaceytron, whose real name is Kacey Caviness was employed at Earthbound Trading Company as a store manager,  a store that was located on the outskirts of Kansas City. Kacey had two younger siblings; one sister and an autistic brother. Her mother’s constant struggle with drug addiction caused Kacey and her siblings to move in with their grandmother when she was just five years old.

While in her grandmother’s house, she spent a lot of her childhood playing games on her grandmother’s computer. She played everything from Donkey Kong Country to Diablo 2, Starcraft and World of Warcraft. After moving out of her grandma’s house at 17, she tried her hands at education with a few college classes, but nothing stuck. She spent this period of her life working at various retail jobs in places like Claire’s, Gap and Delia’s.

In 2013, she launched her twitch career with World of Warcraft, a game she had been playing since 2004. Right from the start, she was known for her liberal use of expletives in her commentary and for joking around during gameplay, often praising herself whenever a move she tried went wrong. They also lashed out at her for using her boobs to get views and donations. This actually spurred Kaceytron on, as she realized that people cared so much about stuff like that. Over the next few years, she gradually dropped the necklines and this increased her viewership as well as the number of trolls on her channel.

Kaceytron’s audience and the larger online game streaming industry is polarised on their opinion of what she does and whether it is a good or bad thing. A simple search on Google will reveal enough information about the controversial gamer, usually followed by comments from everybody from feminist supporters to adamant haters. Where it concerns Kaceytron – whose real name is Kacey Caviness – there is hardly any neutral opinion.

Kacey’s ability to leverage her body and outlandish personality has to get donations from streamers on twitch and grow her audience has been praised by many. This category of people believes that it is a genius move on her part to sexism to her advantage arguing that people were highly likely to objectify her either way. The people on the other side of the divide, however, talk about how she is a fake streamer and how she uses her body and brash talk to distract people from her lack of talent. This they say, is evident in the fact that she almost always loses on all her games and yet has a growing viewership.

Kaceytron, who has played games like SOMA, and League of Legends, has been seen on occasion in her streams talk about how she is better than every other female gamer around. She has also talked smack about many other gamers and social media personalities like Sodapoppin and Kneecoleslaw.

For these and other behaviors perceived as destructive and generally negative, a twitch streamer identified by the name Jason v5959 started a petition to ban Kaceytron from the twitch platform. Jason v5959 then went on to list the myriad of ways that Kacey Caviness had violated Twitch’s terms of service. It was a long list that included breaking the law, hateful harassment, and conduct, inappropriate content categorization, nudity, pornography, and other sexual content. This petition was buoyed by the fact that earlier in the month, Twitch had announced that it would integrate new policies governing sexual content. Jason v5959 is not the only person to have started such a petition.

What happened to her?

Kaceytron is still very much around doing what she does best: turning every situation in her favor. In 2016, during the presidential race, she created a series called Kaceytron University, an obvious parody of Trump University.

After the announcement of Twitch’s impending policy review, Kacey went on Twitter to encourage women who want to start a career in streaming games but were scared of Twitch’s announcement. The announcement even inspired her to create a conservative alter-ego that is always dressed in sweaters and never using curse words.

What Kaceytron does on Twitch evaded description for the longest time, as her streams always straddled the line between satirical and troll. However, one thing is clear today to everyone who knows her: Kaceytron is more an entertainer and a gamer. She has even indirectly alluded to this by talking about how she believes her channel was built to cater to escapists – to entertain people who wanted to leave their real-world problems behind for a while.

Kaceytron initially started out with the intention to keep her private life completely sealed off from the internet world. However, in recent years, she has become more open about her real-life struggles, especially concerning her mother’s struggle with drugs and how it affected her. This newfound realness has gradually continued to blur the line between Kacey Caviness, the girl from Kansas City, and Kaceytron, the wild and outlandish e-celebrity.