Karlie Kloss Boyfriend, Sisters And Family

She may be a very busy woman, with a schedule as tight as they get, but you know that we always find time for some loving. In that vein, today we are going to be checking out Karlie Kloss boyfriend and the rest of her family. Sit tight as we get to it.

Karlie Kloss Boyfriend

It’s no biggie, Karlie just managed to land a man that is 6 feet 3 inches tall, good looking and he happens to be Donald Trump’s in-law. She is proof that fairy tales do happen, do you know how hard it is to even land a man that is taller than you when you are 6 foot 1?

Probably not, but we have to admit, the model has the odds in her favor. So who is this Karlie Kloss boyfriend that we are making such a fuss about? His name is Joshua Kushner and the couple was first spotted together in 2012. So who is this Joshua we speak of and what does he do?

Well, in a nutshell he is a a social gaming entrepreneur and venture capitalist,  he is the founder and managing partner of the investment firm Thrive Capital, co-founder of Oscar Health, and the son of real estate magnate Charles Kushner.

Get this, there’s a whopping 7 years age difference in between them, and two very busy and conflicting schedules, nevertheless the couple has managed to make it work for 4 years through thick and thin. Recently the rumor mill has started churning again, and since we cannot attest for the credibility of what we are about to tell you, we beg you not to kill the messenger.

It seems like people having been trying very hard to read in between the lines, apparently, there were rumors that the model was making up with a past beau, Derek Blasberg, and even though the 24-year-old model put the rumors to rest, her older boyfriend is not quite convinced.

People have even gone as far as to psychoanalyze pictures of the ‘doomed’ couple together, there’s one where she stepped out with a football tucked under her arm looking cheerful as usual while Kushner was looking rather tired and out of it. Whether the couple are headed for the rocks or not, we will be sure to find out soon enough.

Karlie Kloss Sisters

Yes people, there isn’t just one Kloss in town, there are four and you bet that they bring the heat. We don’t know if there are cuter siblings out there in the public eye, we mean sure, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Vanessa and Stella Hudgens are cute but do they have matching gold-tasseled Carolina Bucci bracelets. We highly doubt that.

There are four Kloss sisters altogether and though they live in different states, they still make out time to spend time together. Kristin(26) is the oldest and is obviously the leader of their merry band of maidens, she used to live with Karlie in New York and even helped with her brand extensions, including gluten-free Karlie’s Kookies, which raises money for charity.

She currently lives in San Francisco and works as a women’s market editor for Shopkick, a shopping app. Next, there are the twins Kimberly and Kariann (20) are college students at North Carolina’s High Point University and Pennsylvania’s University of Scranton.

When the twins were still senior in high school, this is what their big and famous sister Karlie had to say about them, ‘Kariann is a horseback rider and lacrosse player (“She’s the star goalie, she’s in the newspaper all the time!”); Kimby plays softball and has a thing for leopard-print anything.’

When asked if they would follow in her modeling footsteps, she said, ‘They are currently planning college visits and, like most seventeen-year-olds, still figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Kariann may want to be a vet (she has plenty of animals to practice on!). Kimby isn’t sure yet.’

Karlie Kloss Family

Then there’s the rest of the family which consists of her mother and father. Her mum, Tracy Kloss (née Fares), is a freelance art director and her dad Kurt Kloss is an emergency physician. The two did not know much about the world of modeling until they were pulled aside by a scout and told that she could be the next Kate Moss.

Her dad admitted that he had to google ‘Kate Moss’, that’s how little they knew. Anyway, the two are now frequent at her runway shows and her shoots, they have visited places all over the world and they know the in’s and out’s of the industry, and it’s all thanks to their little girl who widened their horizons.

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