Detroit native rapper, actress and businesswoman Kash Doll started her hustler career right from early teenage age. From being an exotic dancer, Kash’s story changed with just one remix of Tinashe’s track titled 2 On. Since she came to mainstream prominence, Kash has remained relevant working a host of other big wigs amidst her struggles to matter.

Read up on what she has been up to since after her two-year-long battle with former record label BMB and how far she has come since she launched her own Record Label and other businesses.

Kash Doll – Biography

Arkeisha Knight as she was named at birth, was born on March 14, 1992, in Detroit, Michigan, USA to black American parents. When she was just one-year-old, her father died in a gunfight but she fondly recalls how he prepared her for the tough life ahead. True his words, Kash did have a tough life and that affected her as a teenager living with her mother, stepfather and six siblings. She first attended the Henry Ford School and then Detroit City High but was expelled due to misconduct in school. After she got expelled, she chose not to go back to school.

As a high school drop-out, she had to do menial jobs to fend for herself and contribute something to the family upkeep. Her first teenage job was being a babysitter which paid something but was not enough. Next, she worked in fast food joints – Little Caesar’s Pizza and Best Buy. As the need to make more than what she was earning came, it resulted in her performing as an exotic dancer in a strip club. For the first few nights, she made $26,000 which was surely more than she had made babysitting and waiting put together. According to Kash, she was stressed out and felt very uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean she did not enjoy the lifestyle and the comforts it afforded.

As a little girl, Kash had always dreamt of being a rapper, and her big break came in 2014 when she did a remix of song 2 On. For the remix song, she made a video with Joseph McFashion and Mula Films which made her an instant sensation. Her remixed version of the song went viral and attracted the attention of other rappers like Icewear Vezzo, Lil Stl and Cash Out who indicated interest in collaborating with her.

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She got booked to perform in many shows and was played almost six times on the radio station 107.5. Following this massive blow out, Kash Doll decided to leave strip club dancing to focus more on her rap career which was a wise decision.

Rap Career

Kash Doll signed on to BMB records and in 2015, she released her debut mixtape titled Keisha vs. Kash Doll. When asked the story behind the mixtape, she explained that it was about Keisha, the real her and Kash Doll, her alter ego. The mixtape featured B.O.B, Trina, Lyrica, and Anderson. In its first two days of release, the mix sold 600,000 copies which marked the beginning of great exploits for Kash in the music industry

A year later in 2016, a new EP was released titled Kashin’ and produced under RMMR record label. This new tide saw her become friends with hip-hop star and perform on his Detroit Summer 16 Tour. She released yet another mixtape titled Trapped in The Dollhouse in 2017 and followed it up with an announcement via social media that she will be making her first television appearance in the 2017 BET’s Hip-Hop Awards which a huge success.

Kash Doll came up with her first hit single Run Me My Money as released by Mula Films on YouTube and within the first five months, it had been viewed 750,000 times. In the same year, she released another single titled For Everybody. Also in 2018, she developed an issue with her former record label, BMB records when she opted to leave the label. According to her, they were not doing anything for her career, so she needed to move on, but the Record would not let her. The drag-on lasted for close to two years but was resolved. However, it led Kash to create her own label KashDoll Enterprises under which her next mixtape titled Brat Mail was released.


Before fame came calling, Kash had a boyfriend called Dex Osama whose real name was Bryon Cox. He supported her dreams as a rapper and all seemed to be going well until he was unfortunately shot dead at a strip club in 2015. Her next relationship was with Shawn but that too did not last as they broke up following his suspicions that she was dating the hip-hop artist. The suspicion was prompted by a photo she posted on her Instagram account where Drake had his arms around her.

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Drake himself eventually came out to clear the air, stating that they are just friends and are not romantically involved, but the breakup was already done. Moreover, Drake isn’t the only artist she has been accused of dating. There were other rumors that she and had an affair which she denied. The young rapper is currently single.

Net Worth

As a rising rapper cum actress who has featured in the film Buffed Up, Kash Doll earns a salary figure put somewhere between $125,000 to $250,000. Having been an opening act for bigwigs like Drake and , and churned out a good verse for , there is no doubt that the rapper is going higher by the day. She is currently estimated to be worth $1 million dollars. This figure is expected to see a significant increase in the coming year with the coming release of her debut album.

Other Facts You Need to Know

Other Business Endeavors

Kash Doll once compared herself to a 313 boss chick. As a business savvy lady, she established two businesses called Kasa de Doll and KDmoji. Her Kasa de Doll enterprise creates Barbie dolls that look just like her. She opened stores in Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Michigan, and Ohio. Her other business KDmoji is an emoji that is ranked as one of the top ten applications on the Apple store.

Fan Base

It has been established that besides the fact that Kash Doll churns out good rap, she also has a body to die for and does not hesitate to share pictures on social media. Between her music and her photos, she has amassed a good number of followers on her social media handles. She calls her fans bae and they call her bae too.


According to her, she looks forward to working with Rihanna but has worked with , Beyonce, Drake, Big Sean and a host of other rappers before. In the same vein, she has an ongoing feud with .