Kate Upton Feet, Shoe Size and Shoe Collection

Kate Upton Feet, Shoe Size and Shoe Collection

Kate Upton made headlines when she appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Following her first appearance in 2011, she was named Rookie of the year and became the cover model for the 2012 and 2013 issues. She also became the point of focus when she played a major role for the financially successful films Tower Heist released in 2011 and The Other Woman released in 2014.

Born in 1992, the damsel is one of the youngest and the most beautiful models in the United States. No wonder she had managed to create a niche for herself in the crowded and competitive Hollywood fashion and entertainment industry. Her beauty is something to marvel at. She knows this very well and that is why she has no problem flashing her sexy and curvaceous body around on social media. Not only does Kate have a great body, but she also has some wonderful feet. It would be interesting to see her shoe collection.

How Is Kate Upton’s Feet Rated?

To succeed in Hollywood, you must be considered flawless in almost everything. For women, beauty should be 100 percent. This means one cannot succeed if the public thinks she is in some way not beautiful. This is why you hear many stories of plastic surgery gone wrong. Luckily, things appear to work well for her. Besides a great and sexy body, the actress has very beautiful feet. If you are a foot lover then you will agree with this notion.

The Tower Heist star has gorgeous feet with long, healthy-looking toes and toenails. The toes are appropriate from the big toe to the small toe. There is no evidence of breakages, cracks,s or discoloration of the nails. She is not the kind that loves to wear nail polish always or other types of makeup and therefore it is easy to see and appreciate her feet in the natural status. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the damsel has performed any procedure to improve the appearance of her feet as many celebrities do. Her foot sole is also without blemish- no evidence of scar tissue or signs of trauma.

According to the website that is dedicated to celebrity feet WikiFeet, visitors of the site get the chance to vote for their favorite celebrity and rate them between one to five stars with parameters including beautiful, nice, okay, bad and ugly. On that review site, Kate Upton’s feet were given the highest rating of 5 stars (beautiful). Visit her Instagram account and you will immediately learn why she is given such a generous rating.

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Kate Upton Rich Shoe Collection

To start with, the actress/model wears shoe size 8.5 (US) according to WikiFeet. Though very little information is available on the actual size and value/price of her shoe collection, we dare to say the 23-year-old commands a rich collection of expensive and elegant shoes as seen on the numerous red carpet events she attends.

To appreciate variety, the girl has been seen wearing mid-calf boots, casual loafers, platform sandals, strappy sandals, pumps, platform pumps, peep-toe pumps, knee-high boots, wedges, over the knee boots, and evening sandals. A model who runs quite often to keep in shape, Upton owns a number of running shoes in her shoe collection.

It goes without question that Kate Upton is one of the most gorgeous actresses and models in the United States. Her beauty is all around as can be seen in all parts of her body including her feet. She has very sexy feet, wonderful toes, and healthy nails. She wears shoe size 8.5 (US) and has a very rich collection of shoes in her closet. The size and worth of that collection are yet to be deciphered.

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