Katrina Weidman Bio, Is She Married, Who Is The Husband Or Boyfriend?

Just like any other paranormal investigator’s quest to seeking the truth behind strange situations, Katrina Weidman’s unexplained experience when she was young, ignited her burning zeal for supernatural things and the paranormal activities she is engrossed in now. She was popular in the A&E series Paranormal State as the TV show host and she has made several appearances in other films. Let’s take a look at the bio of this paranormal investigator, her career, and who her partner happens to be.

Katrina Weidman’s Bio

American paranormal investigator and TV personality, Katrina Weidman was born on 2nd March 1983 to an Italian father of Caucasian ancestry in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Northeastern region of the United State of America. Not much is known about her early life but according to sources, she grew up with her elder sister in her hometown. She attended the prestigious Pennsylvania State University, where she graduated with a dual degree in Integrative Arts. While in school, Katrina joined the world-renowned group of the Paranormal Researchers Society (PRS) working as a case manager.


Katrina’s journey as a paranormal investigator started while she was still in the university when she joined the world-renowned Paranormal Research Society in 2006. She was put in the spotlight when the Society’s rigorous research and investigations were the main focus of the Paranormal State sitcom on the A&E network from 2007 to 2011.

After her appearance in the Paranormal State series, Katrina Weidman caught the attention of several filmmakers and in 2013 she played a small role as a funeral mourner in the movie Kilimanjaro. After two years, she also appeared in the 2015 movie The Last Apartment, where she played the role of Caroline. A year after, she acted the role of a woman at the train in the movie Who’s Jenna?

In 2016, Weidman was the lead actress on the Destination America sitcom Paranormal Lockdown, a reality TV sitcom having its first season aired on Destination America from March 2016 to April 2016, the second season was aired on The Learning Channel (TLC) from December 2016 to March 2017, while the third season was aired also on The Learning Channel (TLC) at the beginning of 2018. Katrina was featured in the movie Cafe Artist where she took the role of Boha and in F.Godfather where was played by Pauline.

How Much Is Katrina Weidman Worth?

Katrina Weidman has amassed a good amount of money out of her movie appearances, investigations, and her job as a location manager amongst others. According to sources, her net worth is approximately estimated to be $400,000, and records also have it that most of her net worth comes from her contract with the A&E Network.

Is She Married? Husband

Paranormal State‘s Katrina Weidman is currently unmarried and searching for her better half, although it was rumored that she is in a relationship with Nicholas Groff, a television personality and also a paranormal investigator, due to the intimacy they are said to have shared on set. However, Nicholas Groff is happily married to Veronique Groff for 14 years now and the union is blessed with two daughters.

Aside from the speculation between Katrina and Groff, there is no record of her past affairs or relationships perhaps this could be because of her total devotion in pursuing her career as a paranormal investigator.

Other Facts

Katrina Weidman aside from her work in television and paranormal investigation is associated with other enterprises such as the front singer of the Alternative Rock Band, a lecturer of Performing Arts and a volunteer Crisis Counselor.

Weidman has an active online presence on social media such as Facebook with the name Katrina Weidman, Instagram as @Katrina Weidman, and on Twitter as @Katrina Weidman.

Her most prominent body features are her average height, moderate body status, red-colored hair that she dyed, and brown eyes asides this, other body details of the paranormal investigator is not known to the public.

It is also worth knowing that Katrina Weidman enjoys watching workout videos, she loves hanging with her cat Gus Gus, she’s filled with ecstasy when reading about true crime as well as books on ghosts,s and in addition to her long list of likes is her love for cooking which she does delightfully.

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