Kay Lenz – Bio, Family Life & Facts About David Cassidy’s Ex-Wife

Kay Lenz – Bio, Family Life & Facts About David Cassidy’s Ex-Wife

American Actress Kay Lenz falls into the class of those who got to hone their talents in the film industry from childhood. She made her initial appearance in a cameo role in This is the Life and was later able to land roles in various sitcoms and movies over the years, earning herself some nominations from various prestigious film associations.

However, aside from her acting career, another part of Lenz that caught the attention of the public was her marriage to Hollywood actor David Cassidy, who was also a big shot in the industry.

Kay Lenz Early Life and Career Beginnings

Kay Lenz is an American actress who was born on the 4th of March, 1953, in Los Angeles, California, to father Ted Lenz and mother, Kay Miller. Her father worked as a commentator whereas her mother was a radio engineer, as well as a model.

The actress who developed an interest at an early age for entertainment began making progress in that direction when she was just 14 years old with her first appearance in the film This Is the Life. In the early 70s, Kay Lenz landed cameo roles in films like American Graffiti, Breezy, Gunsmoke and was cast as Dorie in the sitcom The ABC Afternoon Playbreak. Shortly after that, she landed the role of Jerri Kane Hummer in the action thriller White Line Fever and was seen as Kate Jordache in Rich Man, Poor Man.

Towards the end of the ’70s and ’80s, Kay Lenz kept getting various job offers and she was also cast alongside other top actors in the industry including in Mel Stuart’s film Mean Dog Blues where she co-starred with Gregg Henry. She also landed guest roles in other TV productions like Escape, The Fall Guy, Murder She Wrote, Hunter, Starman, Charles in Charge, among several others.

Another popular character Lenz has portrayed was Sandy Sinclair in the horror film House which was a highly successful film that earned her a nomination for Saturn Awards. Moreso, her fame continued to spread when she took on the role of Tina Cassidy in Midnight Caller in 1988.

The ’90s were also favorable to the actress as she got a role in the drama sitcom Reasonable Doubts, appearing in a recurring role in season 1 but had a main role in season 2. Lenz also did some voice acting in the movie Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa and in the sitcom The Tick, her voice was used for the American Maid.

Kay Lenz continued to appear in several productions after the 90s, mainly as a guest in films like Cover Me, NCIS, ER, The Closer, Bones to mention a few.

Family Life: Relationship With David Cassidy

Talking about her family life, Kay Lenz was once married to the actor David Cassidy whom she met back in 1977 on an arranged date. The pair bonded from their very first encounter and after barely 2 months of dating, they walked down the aisle on April 3rd, 1977.

Kay Lenz – Bio, Family Life & Facts About David Cassidy’s Ex-Wife
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They stayed married for about four years but word came out that they were having challenges in their home which was attributed to David’s abuse of drugs, although Lenz revealed it was not the crux of the matter. They finally parted ways in 1981 and at that time, they did not have any children together.

Unlike her former husband who later tied the nuptial knot on several occasions with ladies like Meryl Ann Tanz and Sue Shifrin, Kay Lenz did not go into any other relationship as she occupied her time with working for Sea Save Foundations.

Sadly though, David was lost, following his death on November 21, 2017, to his alcohol addiction which eventually got out of control and ruined him.

Other Facts About David Cassidy’s Ex-Wife

Some other facts about Kay Lenz that might interest you are outlined below:

1. She has made an appearance on the popular The Andy Griffith Show, using the name Kay Ann Kemper.

2. Kay Lenz had lost her dad just a few weeks before she married David Cassidy.

3. She is a recipient of a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards for the role she played in Breezy alongside Clint Eastwood. Lenz has also landed a Daytime Emmy Award under the category of Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Special for her role as Tina Cassidy in Midnight Caller.

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